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I am reading this book for my Sci-Fy book club. I have to read it; I promised. I am not even halfway through it and I think I'm going to die. My question is, "Will I still have any of my mind left when I finish it or will I be reduced to a blithering idiot?" So far the only way I can bear it is to focus on the anachronisms and the allusions.

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Mandy I managed to finish it (it became a personal mission) and didn't become a blithering idiot but I DID wonder why I wasted my time. This book isn't worth it (or it wasn't to me).
I wouldn't worry about finishing it. Your bookclub should respect that you have better use of your time than reading Heinlein's meta-sploitation crapfest. Also, you may want to watch out for the sadist who suggested it; pure evil is my guess!
Ben McCollister I absolutely loved this book as a teen. Perspective shifting through chapters was a novel idea. Exploration of sexual taboos was a moderately heavy theme, along with other socio-political possibilities. The premace of the plot was fun, The car is its own character... Questionable moments of semi-incestuous behavior? I found it imaginitive and titilating in a way I still remember with nostalgia 20 years later.
Emma-louise Hoban I just finished reading this book and I have to say, it was awful. Its must be the worst book I ever read. I got the idea they were trying to be funny but it just fell flat. It was so tedious.
Cathy This is the very reason I will never be a member of a book club.
Alex Barry I finally finished it last night. Absolutely a dreadful book. Like Mandy below, I stuck with it as a personal challenge; once begun, see it through. However it was an excruciatingly long, drawn out and mind-numbing process, slogging through nonsensical cutesy repartee, juvenile fixation on "teats", incomprehensible technobabble, endless dialog-clogged inaction, and more. Due to its tedium I couldn't read more than 10 or 15 pages at a time, and for the final 40 or 50 pages the number was reduced to a mere 4 or 5 pages at one sitting. Do the math: for a 510 page book I ended up wasting well over a full month of my nightly reading. A mindbogglingly bad book; stay away!
Sappho Sue I enjoyed this book as a young adult. True, I already read most of what Heinlein published, so my mind was already "warped". However, no one seems to mind.
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