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So who else wants to see Rhys Wakefield play The Jackal in the movie? Any other casting ideas? I somehow see Ron Perlman as a perfect Dancer as well...

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Johnny Wenzel Pierce Brown mentioned that he pictured Fitchner to be Paul Bettany (Knight's Tale, Beautiful Mind), but I don't really see it.

I could go with Rhys Wakefield. Handsome enough to be a gold but villainy enough to be Sevro.

I would love to see Emma Watson play Mustang. She usually takes the smart girl role, but I think she could pull off Mustang's edge very well.

Alex Pettyfur for Cassius

Marie Avgeropoulos for Antonia impossible. I picture someone like Robbie Amell but I think they should take someone unknown for him. I wouldn't want a celebrity to detract from who Darrow is. For example, initially, I saw Katniss as Katniss but now I just see Jennifer Lawrence. I couldn't buy into Dan Brown's Robert Langdon because all I could see was Tom Hanks (don't get me wrong; I love both movie series, but I'd like to experience Darrow with a new face).

I clearly liked this question. More people should pitch in thoughts.
Kirby Hollingsworth Iwan Rheon for Sevro!
Erin Love Rhys Wakefield as the Jackal! I also see Teresa Palmer as an amazing Mustang. Beautiful and badass!
Lisa I could think about this for days but as a starting point I would say:

Nicholas Hoult as Roque
Cara Delevingne for either Mustang or Quinn

This is a really fun question by the way! Goodreads should have a 'sort by fun' filter for questions.
Eric Ravensclaw Richard Harmon for Sevro au Barca....
Markuu Javor Jack Gleeson for the Jackal.
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Caroline I think Rhys Wakefield is a a good idea! Totally agree with Iwan Rheon for Sevro! I could see Clémence Poésy for Mustang...don't think Emma Watson would be right right pick for me personally. Cara DeLevigne was a good suggestion...and Bella Heathcote would make a good Gold too.
Vail Joy A movie adaptation of these books is going to be horrible no matter who is cast because the director is a Hollywood CGI action movie guy. You're hoping for Bladerunner with a little Game of Thrones on top but will get Flash Gordon. They'll probably talk Pierce into making Servo into a talking Raccoon.
Stephen Shay I could see Rhys Wakefield as Adrias au Augustus. Honestly though I would like to see mostly unknowns, though I could see Emma Watson pulling off Mustang. Problem is they are all so young in the books that I feel like it would be hard to get solid actors. I think that there are plenty of high quality television actors in like Game of Thrones, and in premium British television to find some true gems to round out the cast.
Richelle Witbrodt Oooh Rhys Wakefield looks like a natural gold. Not sure about the Jackal, though. More like Tactus to me.
Elian I love your casting ideas! I can totally see that!
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