I love home organization books. I love a tidy home. But when reading this book, I kept thinking that maybe it was a trick, and at the end it would read something like, "surprise! this is a test to see who is foolish enough to read to the end of this book without figuring out it's a joke". Did anyone else think it was funny and crazy?

Lindsey Although I've seen many people feel this way, I found the style charming. As a person who gets very attached to things, I've found it very useful to be given a way to get rid of things that's positive and filled with gratitude.

The difference between this and other minimalist info I've read seems to be that the Konmari method is all about cherishing and choosing what to keep, while others are choosing what to discard and reject. It's the same outcome, but the opposite psychological position.
Terry If you have been unfortunate enough to read any discussion of the book online (present company excluded) you would have seen that a good number of people LOVE the book and feel it has changed their lives to the point that they are actually thinking of reading it.
Joyce I did think it was a bit crazy, not anything that would change my life. I fell kind of embarrassed to have read such silliness. I mean yes don't we all get rid of trash and donations before we clean up? And it does make life easier to be neat and have things organized, but I find that as I get older I can do it just as well a bit at a time for big projects that I can't tackle all at once. The idea of taking everything out of your bag daily is a complete waste of time. I mean maybe she changes bags daily but I don't!
Roxy I read this book last night and immediately cleaned out three drawers following her method- consolidating into one using her folding techniques. It took less than 30 minutes.

The author is certainly quirky and I assume she is probably way up there on the Asperger's scale, but she seems to be very successful.
Sherry It is no test. I enjoyed the quirkiness of her writing style, chalking it up to the fact that tidying is her life and she's from a very different culture. I'm working on the 4th category...it has taken me about 3 months of working on Saturdays to get this far. I started enjoying the benefits right away though. My morning routine is much easier now that I don't have to iron or take time to decide what to wear. I have only the clothes I love wearing and that fit nicely...easy! I particularly love that her approach focuses on deciding what to keep, instead of deciding what to toss/donate. I've read the book once and use it as a reference when I stall or get stuck. I will say that I found the book while browsing Amazon for something to read on my Kindle, and so brought no preconceived notions to the reading. This helped me to understand and receive the author's message on it's own merits...making it easier to envision the potential the Konmari method had to bring about positive change in my life.
Nadia Pedersen Not at all. I found the advice to be absolutely obvious but for some reason I held on to things for years that I didn't really need or like that much. It's not necessarily trash. Mementos, school notes and books, things I kept "just in case" as well as beauty products were overflowing. It was incredibly liberating to realize that I am the decision maker and I shouldn't feel guilty about parting with certain things. This was the only book that really clicked with me and had me REALLY reevaluate my life.
Lauri I thought it was crazy and funny, but not funny enough to finish reading. It brought me no joy.
Lee Osborne It manages to be both unintentionally funny and absolutely tragic at the same time.
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by Marie Kondō (Goodreads Author)
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