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I want to ask to those who liked the novel... why do you like it? I don't want to be confrontational but to me it's just a really boring story with bland style and no real depth on what is being narrated. Don't get me wrong I get most of the things I don't like are intentional but I really can't find any value on it.

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Jakob I think I liked it cause it does have some key moments of reflection and surreal/transcendent descriptions, and dialogue that gave the narration some worth. And being a contemporary book, and myself being around Pauls's age, gave it some relevance. I agree it's kinda bland and felt annoyed with all the details (you can almost tell he wrote while on Adderal). While the actions are bland, they kinda are similar to what we do in real life, like what really exciting thing has ever happened to you? (besides pandemic). And so I think it's a very information-age novel, kinda written like a blog, kinda useless, which is unique and stands for its time. Also, I thought this was similar to The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway, where the characters just party and drink and complications in character, or boredom from the fun create drama and we consider that shit a classic. I'm not saying this a classic tho....anyways!
Dan Plonsey I wouldn't characterize the style as bland at all. It is unique. Everyday events are described in extraordinary detail, along with the narrator's reflections and analysis, rich in unexpected connections and juxtapositions. The novel appears to be entirely autobiographical, but at the same time, there is a serious lack of affect: the author speaks of himself as a robot or zombie various times. Whether the author truly experiences the world as he narrates it is a matter of some curiosity to me, but I am enjoying the book for the way his "boring story" is rendered.
Alexis Yes, it's a horrible book. Was an editor even employed for it? The main character, Paul, is a brainless lotus-eater who thinks being critical of everything makes him oh-so-insightful. "Oh, poor me. My mother didn't love me enough to discipline me and now I need drugs to stagger around on my little baby feet!" Waa-waa-waa. Get a spine, buddy!
And did Tao Lin never learn that a story has a plot wherein things happen?
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