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Is this like Twilight?

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Samantha McLaughlin Shiver is VERY different from Twilight. Characterization, diction, and imagery are so much better. Maggie Stiefvater is one of the greatest YA authors writing now. The whole series is delightful.
Kay Yes, unfortunately. It's very similar to Twilight.
Melody Yes and it's awful
Sara Better, and quite different.
Rebecca The fact that this is another "Teen Girl X Supernatural Creature" romance yes it is a lot like Twilight. Come to think of it, Sam's pack of werewolves that he lives with have similarities to the Cullens of Twilight, just from the fact that they're both a group of supernatural creatures that have to stick together like a family. However in terms of the conflict and plot of the story there's still a difference. In Shiver they're trying to find a way to make Sam stay human because they're just simply not about that beastiality life to have him be a wolf and stay a wolf. In Twilight it's just Bella being a damsel and having to be saved over and over by Edward. Also in Shiver we are given the POV first person narrative of both Grace and Sam. In Twilight it's just Bella's.
Shelsea Very different, no vampires, no love triangle etc...
its really really good
Andreanna Sort of...I mean it has some similarities.The way the characters are done and the scenery and story is totally different, I would read it though. It was very good.
Katherina Oleynichenko Yes it is just to you guys know I went half of the book and the twilight book and they are exactly alike.
Michael This is nothing like Twilight.
Jenn It's honestly not the same at all. The fact that both are paranormal romances is pretty much all they have in common. Shiver is much slower, has a flimsier plot, and the characters are less likable. The paths taken aren't similar. The personalities of the characters aren't similar. The relationships aren't similar. The dynamics between characters aren't similar. The lore isn't similar. I don't understand why they get grouped together in the first place.
Avy No, much worse - thought the female character is as irresponsible as Bella, and seems to have very oblivious adult figures in her life, and is totally smitten with a strange boy she only sees occasionally. Similar but Twilight uses proper English and the story follows a timeline - Shiver is very fragmented
Jules Yes. It's Twilight with more werewolves and no faux love triangle.
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