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Is it just me, or is this book much better than the first two?

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Toshi To me it all comes down the the main character's progression as a person. I hated him in the first book, warmed a little in the second, but really liked him in the third. It made riding around in his head for the duration of the story way more pleasant.
Armand Honestly, it's hard for me to think of them as totally separate books, so it's hard for me to come up with a good answer to this question.

They seem to overlap a lot in terms of the story... but I'd say the 3rd one has a happier ending to it which is enjoyable. At least it didn't all end horribly (or on a note of dreadful ambiguity).

Just my two cents!
Israel Garcia Exactly my thoughts. The first two were like climbing a hill full of bumps and suffering, and in this one you immediatly reach the top and begin a joyride downhill.
Adie Sparkles I'm halfway through...and i agree with you totally!
Kilian Metcalf I agree and think is it because Grossman is more comfortable writing adult characters that adolescents. More interesting to read, anyway. I thought it was the best of the series,
Harinee Yes I liked this one better. Honestly not because of the writing but the plot. The first had a heartbreaking end , second too horrendous happenings but this was very nicely ended with my favourite character back.
Rinke I feel completely the opposite. The first book was the best, the second was a little worse, but this one is actually quite boring. Or maybe it's just me, reading my first book on an e-reader.
Bobbert Hurny
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Philip I agree with Armand. I treat them as one story, and the third book makes the others better.

Once you know more about the characters and how the grow, you can appreciate how unbearable Quentin was in the first book.

This is the third act to a great story.
Joan I agree - though I did find the second book in the trilogy a bit dull. For me the 1st and 3rd books were better!
Tnkw01 First one was excruciating to get through. I thought the second one was much better and the last one was even a tad better still.
The Coat Yes. My hypothesis is that the publishers were willing to invest in some special help in this last installment, since it was by this time very successful.
Etienne I agree. Mostly because the characters are acting more the way we would have wanted them to act since the beginning. Ie: less like over entitled hipster children in their twenties and more like people who actually care about each others and about what's around them!
Jason Patz Yes! The first two were readable and decent but this was fantastic!
Ben I feel like the first two we're kind of bearing with Quentin as he grows a pair. Since he's already grown said pair by #3, it's all adventure.
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Alex Newsome
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Ren I think they all have the same flaws as far as structure and pacing go, but the characters seem more likable in this book. Quentin in particular is much more interesting and sympathetic.
Ram I'm pretty much in agreement with the rest. Quentin's growth as a person made riding along in his head much more pleasant; ditto for the brief glimpses we got of Eliot and Janet. I could have done without Plum, I think, as I don't really see that she brought much to the table, but overall, I think this is one of those rare series where each installment is better than the one before it.
Razeen Manama Kavil A nice conclusion to the series.
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