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Leni Linnéa asked:

Am I going to like this series even if I am 17 years old? I just feel like I´ve missed out on something, since everyone else had read it. But will I still enjoy it if I start at 17?

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Lucia I don't know. As a kid, I didn't like these. I found them creepy and they went over my head. Now I'm 23 and I found a lot of rather sophisticated humor and even some depth in it. So...maybe you actually need to be older?! (Sort of joking. Sort of.)
Ghost I think you will like it at any age. But I might like it more when I am older.
Sierra Definitely! These books are great for all ages. Snicket is very witty. I love his books!
M.L. Little I read them all when I was 19 and they were amazing. Children's books seem to get better as you get older. I didn't read Harry Potter till high school and got so much more depth out of it than I would have at a younger age.
Shelli I think you'll love the whole series! I feel there are a number of benefits to reading certain books (and these in particular) when you're older – I was in my 40s! For one thing, they're a lot more sophisticated than the average children's books, so you'll get much more out of them; you'll be able to keep track of the many characters' names as well as any complicated plot points. You'll also be able to appreciate the more adult jokes and the irony threaded throughout – and there's plenty! If you do read them, it'd be cool if you posted a review and linked to it here in this thread so we can see what you thought!
Grace Absolutely! In fact, I appreciate it now more as an adult than I did when I was a kid as I can appreciate how clever he is, and how the series is basically a child's introduction to post-modernism.
Elizabeth Newton I am 28 and I am now reading the series... for the fourth time through. Even though I know I will become slightly obsessed by it during that time. You guessed it - I love it!!
Denisse I'm 23 right now, but started at 22, I'm having so much fun reading this series, you could really find out some things that you can't if you're a kid.
Jennifer I'm 42, and reading this series for the first time. It's not high art, for sure, but it's entertaining.
Emma Definitely. I reread this series last year, and I enjoyed it just as much (if not more) as I did when I read them when I was younger.
Ellyn → Allonsythornraxx I read this series for the first time last year. I don't intend to ever re-read the books but if you feel like you've missed something (like I did) then give them a go! Nothing much happens for the first 5ish books but they start to pick up from there.
Miranda Kerr-Bloom yes you will. im 20 and i enjoyed it immensely. tho i would've loved it more if i read it when i was 12. the thing about this book is that it doesn't treat its reader like he or she is dumb... my older sister agrees with me on that.
Lisa Porterburt I’m 65 and liked it enough to anticipate the next book in the series, then I bought all of them to send to my grandkids. It was just quirky enough for the older reader. Three generations read the series and enjoyed it.
Mikanviola Yes. It is a very 'adult' series in some ways and I might not even shelve it as a children's book series due to the content and writing style.
Tushar Sharma Hey! I'm sixteen and I've just started reading the series. I believe it's a wonderful story especially if you like to read mystery books or an eye-raising family tale which makes you want to flip pages continuously. Here's a brief summary of the book, It's about three Baudelaire siblings who have lost their parents in a massive fire, their entire house is destroyed. That's when a banker named Mr. Poe tells them that he will find them a guardian. He takes him to a relative the kids have never heard of Count Olaf and how he, in fact, tries to trouble the kids instead of helping the kids out! A little event would be that Count Olaf tries to marry Violet (The eldest sibling ) to control her fortune.
Eugenia Carolina I'm 19 and I enjoyed the book so much! I hope you've already read them now. :)
Butterscotch Yes I started in 4th grade and ended at the end of 4th grade. You get hooked very easily. Do NOT watch the show on Netflix until after you read the series. It spoils EVERYTHING!! It is not bad but it does get kind of sad. He has several more books. Like "All The Wrong Questions"
Heloisa Angeli Maybe - but you should give it a try.
I'm reading it only now that I about to be 27 y. o. and I'm having a blast. But surely, it is not as "magical" as it would be if I had read it when I was a kid (I'm comparing with my Harry Potter series experience).
Maryam I read it when i was 8 years old. I guess a 17 year old is okay to read it it's for any age. :)
Cherry I read this when I was like 12 and I loved it. My sister, who generally doesn't like reading, read it when she was like 15 and she loved it and I just reread it, at age 22, and I still love it. I think it can be enjoyed at all ages.
Samantha I just read this for the first time as a 21 year old and I really enjoyed it.
Reilly Littleton Most definitely. These are great books, no matter what age.
Justin B I think you will like the book I am 13 and I liked the book.
Ksinolaxano Face I believe that you will. I'm 16 and I loved it!!!
Ana I can't tell you to well as I am 12... But like someone else said the author does not treat you as if you where dumb. I think that you will still like these books, they are very adventurous and fun!
Nick For sure, It's a great series. You may be like hmm that's a little questionable but besides that I think you'll have fun.
Tieno I think it is still likable even if the first time you read it is at 17. It's not particularly aimed at little kids and doesn't have much of the nonsense
Zunairah Well I am 9 and I have read these books and I enjoyed them.
I have also read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.
Lyra Etter 100℅ loved it. Although I do have a slightly dark side so I guess it just depends on your personality and favorite genre of books.
George You very well may enjoy it. But see my review at https://www.goodreads.com/review/show....
Safiya I personally think this is a great book for all ages.
Cookies&Bookies Yes. I know this was posted like half a decade ago, but for people who have the same question, I say yes. For younger kids, it may be a little dark, but I loved it. It is a hundred percent enjoyable. I also suggest the Netflix series, as it adds alot of backstory and missed etails in the books. I enjoyed picking at the hints and clues Snicket left in his writing style.
Chill donut probably you will still like them
Mariah As someone who read this series when I was 17, I can tell you that that it is something you can read at any age. I started this series when I was eleven and I still enjoy this series even though I am 20.
JJTheDetective Absolutely, It is one of the best book series ever!
Omar I may not be an adult but I know that these books are fit for any age at any time even though I started reading them in 2019 they are still as amazing as any book released now
Stephen Vickers I read these at 27 for the first time and absolutely loved them. Give it a shot!
MaoMeow1035 I think no matter what age you are at you should be able to enjoy the series. But if other people are giving out spoilers then it wont be as fun. But this series is a must read. :)
Nikstarz Definitely. I read all of the 13 books in series when I was 12-13 years old. They were that good.
Faith:) I think that you will still love the book! I read them in 7th and 8th grade!!! I love mystery-ish books and these are AWESOME!!! :)
Jojo To me age does not necessarily play any part in someone's enjoyment of a book .This book is perfect for all ages.
Talia Gallas This is my all time favorite book! Im obessessed with it and have read it 5 times! This is one of my favorite book series and I definitely recommend reading it
Sophia yes, you will. They are awesome!
Jessica I think that it really is actually better to read them later in life, I'm reading them at 16 and they still have the creepy surprise moments.
Bob You probably will it is a great book I am 13 and I really enjoy it.
Baran I don't think so!
when i was a kid i liked it,but now it isn't one of my fave's!
you can read one of them and if you liked then go on!
Andrea Hernaiz I'm 17 and I just finished this book today, I thought it was great! But I really like children's books and middle grade, so it depends on your taste
Sarah These were my favorite books as a child, and when I reread them just recently at first I felt a little underwhelmed. The first book is a little slow, and if you're more familiar with the movie it will seem a lot less dramatic. However, after the first book I fell in love with them again.

My suggestion for anyone out of the target audience planning to read these is to not give up after the first few books. The writing style may not resonate with you immediately, but it's likely that will change once you get a bit deeper into the story.
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