Phyllis Stewart

Is it as good as her Water For Elephants ? I really enjoyed it. The book about Bono boes not as much.

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Ruth No. This book was a major disappointment. I could not even finish it. The characters were so shallow and boring I did not care what happened to them.
RACHEL No, I was bored through the majority of this book.
Suzanne Thackston Not. Even. Close.
Jess Janisse Ugh this book is so boring I may not finish it! The characters are over-privileged and unlikable. They're completely unrelatable to the average person. Ellis is an addict who is so self-absorbed who drags his wife across the ocean just to ditch her every chance he gets. All they do is argue and the melodrama is nauseating. So disappointing after such an interesting novel like Water for Elephants.
Lori Shearer Definitely not, I think even Ape House was better. Could make for interesting book, but very slow moving and characters very flat. Audio version is hard to listen to with Justine Eyre's tendency to read too dramatically and very nasally......
Linda Not even close--to me, it read like a Harlequin romance, and it just got worse as it went on. Very disappointing.
Lydia I LOVED IT so you just have to read and find out since there's mixed reviews hah
Cathy Frustrating read, but I wanted to see it through to the end, which was predictable! The female lead was portrayed as quite helpless and dependent for a huge bit of the book, but this reflected the era and her upbringing. When she finds her voice and her inner strength, the book becomes much more interesting.
Sophie Caliendo Awful, I don't believe Gruen wrote this book. Sad waste of time. Waiting for it to get better…...
Dolly Anderson I would recommend the audio version of this book, which I really enjoyed. I also enjoyed Water for Elephants, I would rate that one just a bit more of a favorite, but really both are worth reading or listening to.
Jessica Sadly, no. I really did not enjoy this book. Not much of anything happened.
Diane Klajbor
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Leigh Johnson A major disappointment after reading « Water for Elephants « 
Christine Very unlikable characters! Don't bother reading it.
Katina stewart Wow I'm surprised at the bad reviews. No it did not sweep you off your feet like Water For Elephants. However I thought the characters were interesting enough and the location and the era that I had no problem following the story to the end. A pampered American woman learns to find her place during a trip to Loch Ness during WWII would be the shortest description I could give it.
Bettie Saccardo It was a hit of a rocky start for me but by the end I was cheering. Overall I thought it was a good book.
Patty Milligan Best book you have ever read
Jan No, not nearly as good. I found it very hard to care about Maddie, who I would basically characterize as Poor Little Rich girl.
Linda Underwood I loved Water for Elephants and was disappointed in this book. Flat character development. We really didn't know much about the characters and what made them do what they did. Trite love story. Opportunity to deal with the historical period but didn't do it. I was so disappointed.
Sandra I actually enjoyed it more than Water for Elephants. This is the point were you come to differing tastes. There is no right answer, the only thing you can do is read it yourself and then judge.
julia Rummel The book was as good but completely different.
Evelyn Lee Yes I thought it was as good! A different kind of book but completely engrossing.
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