Gary asked:

Does this guy write any novels besides GOT?

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Jason Durkee I enjoyed Tuf Voyaging. Weird, interesting Sci Fi book.
Mindy Sykes Fevre Dream is an excellent book.
Robert Hepple The simple answer is that he used to, and they are all listed on Goodreads! Whether he will write any more, or just churn out GOT derivatives and laugh all the way to the bank is the real question...
Jose Brox Dying of the Light is great
Haditha Haditha yes. Armageddon Rag. Wild Card series. etc
Jens Raab I know this question is old but I feel the the answers here kind of miss what's going on.

The matter of the fact is that Martin has really only written three novels outside of his ASoIaF series. (GoT is commonly used to reference the TV show.)
And this happened around 40 years ago:
- Dying of the Light (1977)
- Fevre Dream (1982)
- The Armageddon Rag (1983)

Tuf Voyaging (1986) isn't a proper novel but rather a collection of related stories (or at best a so-called fix-up novel) about the same character Haviland Tuf.

Windhaven (1981) also is a fix-up of three novellas; also, they were written in collaboration with Lisa Tuttle so this isn't all Martin's work.

You might also come across the Hunter's Run (2007). This is an expansion of the novella Shadow Twin, written with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham. There's a Wikipedia article about this novel ( where, in the section Writing process, the, well, writing process is discussed.
Basically, the novella was Dozois's idea, he got stuck, handed it to Martin who also got stuck and handed it back to Dozois; the story was shelved for 20 years until Dozois handed it to Abraham who completed the novella which was published in 2004. Dozois then expanded it into the novel.
So Martin did take part in the creation but it seems to me that much of the credit for the novella must go to Dozois and Abraham.

And that's it.

The Wild Card series mentioned here are "mosaic novels", basically coordinated story collections in a shared universe. They are edited by Martin but he's only contributed a handful of stories over the years. In recent years, almost all of the editing has been taken on by Melinda Snodgrass.

I'm not trying to diminish Martin's achievements but before he started working on ASoIaF he's been most productive with shorter fiction (short stories and novellas) of which he has written quite a few.
And of course, he's also been working in Hollywood for a couple of years on some TV shows.
Ironically, he became frustrated with the writing limitations imposed by budget concerns, etc., and enjoyed his free rein when he turned his back on the film industry and embarked on what would become the masterpiece of his career, A Song of Ice and Fire.
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