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Can someone give me a quick summary of the book, especially the ending? And what wyites , or whatever the terminology is, means. I read the book but don't remember much. And now I am reading the second book in series and wish I had some sort of recollection of the first. The book is checked at library always so I can't go and skim it.

Gina Sure, no problem! A boy named Jacob grows up with his grandfather telling him mystical stories about these "peculiar children" that he grew up with on an island on the coast of Wales. Eventually, Jacob believes them to be fairytales, and grows lout of them. Years later, when Jacob is nearly sixteen, he witnesses his grandpa being killed by what he thinks to be a tall monster with long tentacles in its mouth. His dying words were to "Find the bird in the loop. September 3rd, 1940." Jacob eventually gets his dad to agree to a trip to this island from his grandfathers tales. When he gets there he discovers the abandoned house he grew up hearing about. He finds more pictures resembling the ones he saw as a boy. He sees a few teens and kids and goes chasing after them in to a cairn. He is transported in time to September 3rd, 1940. He meets the children, the ones who he was chasing, with peculiar abilities his grandpa told him about. He meets Miss Peregrine and develops a relationship with Emma, his grandpa's former girlfriend. He learns that he is, in fact, a peculiar, and a rare one at that, with the same ability that his grandpa had. Seeing the monsters. (wights) His psychyatrist follows hims and his father to the island and poses as a mysterious bird watcher and turns out to be a wight, or a creature that feeds off of peculiars. One of Miss Peregrine's ymbryne friends flies in and tells them that at her home, all of her children were captured, and they need to stay safe from wights and hollows. The home goes on lockdown and ten or so of the children, including Jacob decide to hunt the wights and hollows. He later learns that his psychaiatryst did follow them, and also that he is a wight. He and Emma eventually band together and kill him, but other wights captured Miss Peregrine and Miss Acovet in their bird forms. The children venture out to save them, and they leave the home, for what could be forever, in just a few rowboats. Hope this helps!
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