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Just wondering if this is age appropriate for 5th grade? I'm looking for a road trip book and I am too lazy to read it before we borrow it on audio.

Allison Fullen The first answer is exactly why young people need to read books like this. More concern about cursing and the mention of a natural part of a woman’s body (they don’t even SAY the word clitoris, oh the pearl clutching! S/) than the murder and torture of innocent women. Sex is barely alluded to as a part of the story of the heroine’s falling in love. While this book is fiction, it can open discussion about real history, oppression and religion. THAT subject matter may be too mature for a 10 year old, but, maybe not. At this point in school, they are learning about war, kingdoms, dictatorship, and all of the related horrors. If there is more concern about anatomy, love making (not even described in this book) and words, but not the horrors inflicted on the women in this book (also not fully described), then YOU are the problem.

Update: I wasn’t quite finished with the book when I wrote this, my mistake. They do describe the murders, with enough detail that even I, a 39 year old woman, was disturbed. I skipped some of it, it was so sad and infuriating. I can’t say I would recommend it for my kids at that age, but again, I’d rather they read curse words and about love and sex than the horrors of war and witches. We are more scared of mention of a girl’s clit than murder 🙄
Tina I agree. This is an adult novel. A good one at that. ;-)
Cher Staite This is more of a YA Harlequin Romance. Not for a 5th grader.
Cynda I agree with Tina. This is an adult novel. It takes a lot for me to say that a novel is worth a re-read. I will re-read this book for further food for thought about the nature of women, the old ways, receipts/recipes, academia, religion, divinity, and evil.
Augusta Benners Try my book, The Lioness of Brumley Hall, which is aimed at 5th & 6th graders. This magical mystery also will appeal to adults as well.
Bai I would say 7th-8th grader at the very least
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