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does anyone know when books 4-6(7) will be translated and released in english?

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PeterSchan Russian-English

"... To the feet Svetlolikogo, dream word and deed to serve the great mercy of the strong.

I hasten to inform you that the servant of a false god, despite the artfully woven into obstacles still managed to produce the first fragment of the Temple of the Heart. Furthermore, malicious Pervozhrets called Shimmering Beast Sabretooth and bribed his generous gift, non-oil hoax fished. In the confusion, raising his voice - is securely nestled last piece of your heart? I'm losing my mind with terror at the thought of the revival of the Great artifact forces of the Dark Pantheon ... "

- Children in the class! Group "A" - math "B" -eshki, the arena - you have scheduled fencing!
Anastasia Pavlovna, clapped her hands loudly, attracting the attention and demanding to curtail active commotion in the courtyard Pervohrama. Most afternoon shift came to an end.
I smiled - call it what you invent, or hire a goblin with a bell?
Mom ... From the day of my darkest events and, at first triumphant, returning from the raid took place just two weeks, but maman, in the form of a black-haired, fast Youthful elves had already blend in with the clan team and become an integral part of it. Former teacher unexpectedly gained perfect health, matured and son team shalopaysky orphan youngsters, led by another of the Comanche - Lena.
- Ah-ah-ah-ah!
The effect of first-graders - gomonyaschaya crowd malyshni that can trample even graduate, rushed to the children's wing of the castle. Looking at the rushing tots, I once again felt a strong anxiety attack - how many of them something! Seventy-two tiny little man, whose fate depends entirely on the correctness of my actions. But a week later subsides Pervohrama protection, and trample our land mass amateur events and epic quests, generously handed out by priests Bright pantheon.
Burden of responsibility pressed but could not put me down on my knees, powerless spilling significantly increasing breadth of shoulders and spine reinforcing steel rod. Not only do we plasteel gaming reality, but Drumir sculpted out that we wanted - sometimes looking in the mirror in the morning, I myself was frightened of change.
Position klan-, reyd- and Alliance leader, educate stiffness head.
Possession of a lock-class "Super Nova", together with the adjacent valley and the population, a drop squeezed out of my mind of a citizen of a democratic country and kicks shaped shabby but ambitious Baron busily eyeing the ducal crown.
The seamy side of life, exaggerated outrage game, with all its slaves, torture and the loss of a loved one, and even multiplied by staying with Lolth, my eyes froze suddenly blackened eyes. I do not know that they are now reading, reflection and echo what hells of the events, but now even Glavgonchaya not stand staring at the game. Purely a dog mighty beast flopped to the side and, whining, parted the armor plates, recognizing the leader and substituting unprotected belly.
At first amused, then it became annoying. Okay, it is not necessary for the unknown, time itself will put everything in its place. Of course, I do not want to go down in history of the world as a young sbrendivshy Dark Lord, and I very much hope that it will save my children a "roof" of the repeated failure.
I do a lot - working on reputation, intrigued, recruiting allies. That's just stop cuckoo-Doc, I could not. He had long since slipped from the thread, and reminded me of the burning plane pilot that whitened fingers clutching the steering wheel, throws a heavy machine in the last peak of the enemy column. Another fellow sufferers, had entered on a fragile boat in a raging stream. He kind of waved his paddle and tearing muscles and adding foam, but buzzing ahead of the waterfall just bares fangs rocks in contemptuous grin.
After digitizing and wonderful chance for a second life, and freckled fallen risible Masha, we quickly checked the rest of the children. Misfire happened - all underage customers hospice went into the stall happily razminuvshis with Beznosov and for some time to turn Alexander Nikolayevich in the happiest man in the world. Broken his terrible role of gatekeeper morgue suddenly overnight become a good magician.
The same evening, he managed to get drunk alcohol to a state of virtual zombies simple - to go even walk, but could not speak - vaguely mumbled, smiling and hugging climbed all counter-cross. A series of screenshots captured with an anonymous prankster, pleasing to the eye for a long time in the gallery of the clan.
"Doc whispered obscenities embarrassed Makarov" - and the professor's hand wanders the waist on the brink of a foul, his eyes sparkle, and invisible hussar whiskers standing on end.
"Anik embraces Cheburashka" - I do not know where they found each other, but the blond beast photogenic smiling at the camera with sharp teeth, but Dock thoughtfully scratched behind her ear with enormous nowhere grafted ruby earrings.
"Doc heated debate with amazement Glavgonchey, grabbed her by the mighty paw and bending the fingers clawed beast." Not only! By sunset the fun he had and went to sleep in a warm den unceremoniously arranging head on the hard side nearest monster. Hell hounds once again stopped him scheritsya and puppies altogether stuck drunken head physician, like kittens soft heating pad.
All this, of course, fun, but how much I burned nerves, trying to find at first, and then wake up and vypinat of Virtual! So in fact and failure to leave long - eighteen hours of continuous immersion chance to digitize more than twenty percent!
But I fully recouped in the morning, welcoming and plastered a confused web of character, with grunt climbing the creaky stairs to the basement:
- Well, you're with us? Welcome to Eternity!
Anik sblednul face, his legs buckled, seating avatar in the usual logout lotus position. Still lingering hand slapped the air, pressing invisible button virtinterfeysa, and then a sigh of relief hinted to us that everything is all right, thirty-second timer began to count. Flashing goodbye offended look, Doc disappeared from the game reality.
However, like all doctors, he was able to withdraw itself from the twilight states. Already three hours later Alexander busily coordinated with me to open a new portal straight from Birch Manger - low-level starting area humansov.
Arms crossed, I was standing by the glowing arches and met another column of refugees from the real and the terminally ill bodies. I was determined to talk to Doc and stop until the relocation of at least some clarity in the future. Not today - so tomorrow will cool the walls of the kneading Pervohrama, sadistic Lolth can lay claim to zazhivshegosya La Hitte or someone gets to the blood feud enemies of my carcass. All this has influenced the children, leaving them without protection, if not make hostage in foreign games.
Yes, I even think about their own safety once where else these weights on the neck ?! It is necessary to stir up the people, to mobilize public opinion and build the world masthead kindergarten in the city! However, such dvizhuha can not go unnoticed by officials, resettlement instantly banned "to clarify", "matching" yes cover plump asses papers and permissions with purple stamps ...
All my determination to instantly blown away at the sight of the first clubfoot crumbs that came out of the portal, grasping little fist finger Doc. Well, as your mother, you can not, so it is below the belt!
Stepping aside, I silently conceded the head physician road nod and a forced smile welcoming timidly looks around children. Since then, every day we conducted stall tests, simultaneously finding that age has a direct impact on the pace of digitization. The young-minded and unbiased and free from taboos thousands mind easily fit into the new world, trustingly giving himself in his arms, and rapidly plunging into the Virtual. During the first day in the breakdown it took no less than half of the children.
The earth under my feet burned Doc. Hide scurrying back and forth rolling, the whole chamber, emptying at first, and then all the staff falls into a coma - it was impossible. Probably already found Dobrokhotov, fulfill their civic duty and snitched on court. From day to day, the head physician of expected high commission, if not - trivial arrest.
Biting his lip in frustration, I was looking at bringing a sacrifice human rights and is not in itself a moral right to stop him - Doc made his choice. It remained only to help and not to hinder. We need access to the arms dealer - brought with Stas. Lawyer, journalist, PR expert and sensible? Let us look for ... Despite the lighter sparks of madness, a splash in the depths of his eyes, Alexander thoroughly prepared for his final swan song ...
High overhead rustled, rattled and rolled down the cobbled Tears of Stone chipped plates. Reflex is shifted to the side, shoulder jerk, I shake the hands from the back shield Yangura and activate a protective canopy. Consciousness second tupit by selecting the appropriate option interface - combat anxiety or panel layout macros, and my eyes are on sharyat impregnable wall and a dark dungeon looking for loopholes or killer scout.
Ugh! Fun bloodworms in flight scratched legs slowly to the area planned five-year Masha. The girl eagerly jumped in place, tamping under an air, trying to catch up, and quickly drop their group on their way to fencing.
Who w her spell "Levitation" cast? The ingredients it does not come cheap, it works just a couple of minutes, and the rate of fall closer to the parachute - like as not particularly fast, but the leg break to cheer. Can a high-level wizard, spices inject this skill to new heights? Yes, like we do not have such visa certainly enough, but mostly classic - nyukery, portalisty fans speed damage.
The average level of the military wing of Clan reached one hundred and seventy, all thanks to the replenishment of the mercenaries. I, with my modest eighties, looked palely. Well, I do not have weeks that used to go to the hard farm with great support behind! The last seven levels were obtained at the end of the batch in the Lost City. The only pity is that for killing other players experience is not given much something which, as we geymerskogo meat stuffed heartily frightened of taking ...
On the index finger of a child attracting attention and sparked bloody blikovat ruby. Curious ring where the minnows have such beauty?
Sorry, Mashul - breaking the rules of etiquette of the game, I focused and without asking the subject identified. Often it is with such interest and begins hunting the PC - consider the good of others hungry people expensive armor and dare to spin your PC-the-counter, hoping to lower the rich Pinocchio on equipment.
A couple of days ago, I would not be soared, blinked a message interface to a foreign intrusive attention rebyatnya just would not understand. The trouble and joy that my mother decided to teach children the alphabet - worthless, they say, in the digital world illiterate walk. Three hours later, I found her nervously smoking on the porch of child body. On alarm:
- What happened ?!
She just gasped:
- Read ...
- Who?
- ABC! All! From cover to cover, including the fine print on the back: "Licensed digital edition in 2031. It approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education! "
- It's like ?!
I furrowed his brow in confusion, and my mother shrugged helplessly:
- Apparently, the effect of absolute memory. Two minutes on the alphabet, five minutes to understand the process, and further, all the accelerating - read. And the curious thing: I can see - they can not spell or read syllables! They just remember the entry of words and even whole sentences, recognizing them like complex characters. For them now the Russian language is not one of the thirty-three letters is, as tens of thousands of icons. This is where the topic for his doctoral dissertation ...
Shaking his head, I drove unwanted memories and focused on the pop-up message.
Icon object looked clumsy - a few turns of thin wire with the remnants of burnt insulation, and casually - crosswise bolted large ruby.
However, the characteristics of more than cover external homeliness!

- Mithril Ring Flight. Item Class: Artifact. Durability: 300/300.
- Effect: Magi air resistance + 40%.
- Strengthening! Established Divine Blood Stone - adds random buff to two hundred level inclusive. The selected skill: Levitation.
- Unique! The only thing in the whole world: a 100% bonus to the effect of the subject.

Hrenase! Come on, pipsqueak, stop! I made a couple of steps forward and caught flicked malyshni.
- Stop! Yes, you wait!
Overcoming resistance to mild spells wee set on stone slabs, sat next to squat and a stern voice asked:
- Masha, where the ring?
Like a hovercraft, a girl again lifted into the air and almost imperceptibly rocked on the waves. Okay, hang on, I hope the wind will not carry her away.
Mary hid her hands behind her back and frowned:
- It's mine!
- Yes, I do not pretend ...
We had a little palter. No, take away a child's toy I was not going, but to borrow a dangerous raid or barter for something valuable - and never on the glass beads - felt really like.
Ring is not easy - it's extremely useful levitation thing. Only here helluva lot of expensive and short-lived to permanent worn buff. And then - this freebie! To run and catch - glissiruya of tens of centimeters above the ground, ignoring the relief holes, gullies, boldly sigaya a cliff and rocks. Lepota!
But what a disappointment awaits gravimagov, damaging blow miserable carcass on the ground! It does not matter that the victim was thrown into the sky - a harsh kick raging hard or soft wings of the wind. The fall will still be smooth, magic rings swan feather gently lowers its owner. I imagine the indignant faces of soldiers helplessly stunning far below the sharp iron and showered with magic boljuchih unattainable height - class!
The girl frowned, then reluctantly shared:
- This is a shaman from "A-nis" - Dima Haman!
- B-rr! What else the shaman-ham ?!
- It is the second replenishment of disrupting the nineteenth! Our on from the 5th Chamber, a bald, always has been plastered all droppers. Ah, but you do not know ... Well, we ninja game - the guys are hiding on the roofs and walls, and I'm afraid of height! Dima promised to help if two pebble red give ...
I was beginning to speculate about something.
- And the stones come from?
The girl grinned, her fingers reflexively moved, as if turning over soft fur seals.
- Cheburashka gave! He's such a sweetie ...
White Weenie! Bit back, I swore to myself. Spur, stuffed full of paste, and now squanders petrified blood of God!
- How can I find it?
- Who?
- Well, not Cheburashka same ?! And yet ... ... Where is the joy plush hiding?
The girl pouted pride and lifted her chin:
- He will not come to you! Cheburashka adult does not like, he just plays with us, here!
Still would! Yes, there would be close, gather once everyone personally came his curly golden nails ears over the mantelpiece! Well, the Earth is round, cross again. However, a Galileo Drumire not yet born, and the sphericity of the world under the big question ...
- Well, Dimka find?
Masha dismissively gestured toward the divine throne of stone - the dream of all potential crafters, they become aware of its existence.
- In its cobblestone sits where is it to be?
I peered into the shaded area, but in recent weeks dwarf mellorn rapidly went into growth, making bamboo cry with envy and completely hiding behind foliage mimohodnoe unnamed's creation.
The girl nodded slowly, then winced, rubbed her neck:
- Yes, there he is! He has a contract with a tree - it hides it, and Dimka fertility artifact buried in the roots - thought no one saw - ha! We wanted to dig, but the tree branches stupid fights! Uncle Gleb - punish him!
I just Ochumelov frowned - the contract? With the tree? Elven shrine, of course, sensitive to emotions, but in fact unreasonable, or something I do not understand?
Masha and seize the moment, small steps moved aside:
- Well, I'll go, right? Nibbler ... oh! Orc Broken master Fang did not like the latecomers, and today we have twin sais - specially invited stars from Zipper Xena! Yes, and do not want to miss sparring, my last time Leszek right hand cut off - it would be necessary to take revenge! Aunt Bobma such koronochku shown! Boom! Teeth fan, a silence for two minutes!
Hmm, kids. I am, by the way, impressed not even in full contact training, although the spectacle furiously stuffed each other youngsters prompted conflicting emotions. All tsimes another. Hired for the fabulous price master swordsman, incidentally - NPC, he looked disdainfully seething emotions operation recruits and without thinking twice, ordered:
- To arms!
The jubilant kids, with burning eyes in delight, rushed to the dumped a bunch of taboos of the Old World - the razor sharpness of knives, swords predatory, traumatic hammer, exotic tsepam and shuriken.
Rebyatnya arm themselves, and we played with Cyril dumb fish, silently Hapay for breath at the sight of wizards with two-handed swords, and the horn of battle staffs.


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