Judith asked:

I have not read any books by Anne. Would you pls recommend a book I should start with??

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Nancy Patrice The Accidental Tourist.
Susan Crawford My favorite is Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant! I loved that book.
Camille I think Saint Maybe is a good one to start with....it's very uplifting. All the others are wonderful as well, and all of them take such an honest look at people and their lives, and reinforce that life continues even after tragedy, but some of them can get very deep, and Saint Maybe just seems a bit lighter. Her latest one, "A Spool of Blue Thread", is also very sweet, and might just be my favorite of hers...so you can't go wrong with that one either (or with Anne Tyler in general ;-) ).
Anni Breathing Lessons is definitely the one to start with. There is also an excellent film of the novel, starring Joanne Woodward and James Garner, if you would like a taster first.
Sheryl As many have said, "Dinner...", however, you might just toss all the titles in a hat and draw one out. To me, they are all that good.
Laurie Boris My favorite is also Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, followed by The Accidental Tourist. And Saint Maybe.
Maggie I nodded in agreement with every response on here. Each of her books is such a pleasure. Going to now check and see if you posted any reviews post reading.
Sue Hertz No! Start with "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant."
Mary Saint Maybe was the first one I read of hers, and it's still my favorite.
KateMoxie Ladder of Years. A Spool of Blue Thread. They're all good reads.
Melanie Start at the beginning. Read them chronologically. Her first novel, If morning ever comes, is a wonderful book and they just keep getting better. My favorite is Ladder of Years, because I have always wanted to run away.
Lynn Pines "Digging to America"! I loved that book, but then I felt a personal connection to the subject since my children are Asian. It was just a delightful read!
Mark St. Maybe typifies everything that is good and wonderful in her writing.
Kim Whitley-Gaynor Saint Maybe is, by far, my favorite book of hers. A Patchwork Planet is probably my second favorite.
Mary Berger Breathing Lessons - I had my mom read it with me and we laughed like we didn't before. Repaired our relationship!
Leslie Start with all of them. Though I have a soft spot for Searching for Caleb.
Jimmy R I would have to say 'A Patchwork Planet' it's by far and away her best.
Debra Morrow The Accidental Tourist! You will fall in love with the characters and you will ache for them. This was my first book by Anne in a line of many others, all unique yet similar. Her characters are real. As with life, there is always humor mixed in with heartache.
Rita Lovestosingknitread As I scrolled through the comments I kept changing my mind. I love all her books and I don't think you can go "wrong". Just go to the book store (or library), stand in front of the shelf with Anne Tyler on it, spin around and point. You are sure to start some where wonderful. Enjoy the ride!
Karen Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Karlton Couldn't pick one, so here are 5:
1) Saint Maybe
2) Patchwork Planet
3) The Accidental Tourist
4) Noah's Compass
5) Morgan's Passing
Neyly I really liked Saint Maybe. I also read The Accidental Tourist but didn't like it as much as Saint Maybe.
Terri S. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant is known for being her best. I've read several and have not been disappointed. Her newest, A Spool of Blue Thread is good as well.
Emilia I have read and loved all her books over the years. The only one I couldn't stand, and didn't finish, was The Accidental Tourist. I know why - it's because the girl is "ditzy" and I can't bear such characters. But if you can, it's probably OK.
Otherwise, I'd say Breathing Lessons, (I think my favourite) or Saint Maybe.
Kwriter4 I started with "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" many years ago, a marvelous and very moving tale. But my hands-down favorite is "Celestial Navigation." Haunting.
Linda D. Breathing Lessons is my favorite! Loved the Accidental Tourist and Saint Maybe. Can't go wrong with any of those.
Carolyn I loved the last one. The Clock Dance. The end was a surprise for me. It was a bit different from her others. I would start with her earlier books and then read this. When I first started reading her books I was amazed that I was drawn into these simple people/families with no High Drama. They just grew on me and I loved each one!
Della Scott Slipping Down Life would be good. It's a very early one, and pretty short, as I remember. I also liked Back When We Were Grownups. That one has one of her favorite themes--long suffering people(usually but not always women) who spend large portions of their lives taking care of, in one way or another, clueless or ungrateful family members.
Julie Milazzo Its a hard question to answer! I love her honest, quirky sense of humor and total understanding of human foibles. Homesick was my first, but Breathing Lessons and Saint Maybe were my favorites. I listened to Digging to America on tape (yes tape!) and there werte parts that had me laughing so hard. Love Ann Tyler!
Janet Haddad Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant is my favorite.
Toni Rosenthal Ladder of Years, The Accidental Tourist are my faves. Just finished A Spool of Blue Thread which is also great.

Mel Vdk Dinner at the Homesick Restuarant was my first and my favourite forever.
Eileen I definitely agree with Nancy. The Accidental Tourist. I actually read that one because my husband read it and told me to try it. I was hooked after that
jeniwren Saint Maybe would be my favourite of those by Tyler that I have read.
Barbara The Accidental Tourist. Movie is good, too.
Evelyn I love Ladder of Years.
Zai I think "A Patchwork Planet" is Anne"s best novel to start with... :)
Susan Talgo Celestial Navigation,one of her early books is my favorite
Belinda Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant or Breathing Lessons.
J.l. Mcgrath I'm just finishing "Spool" after reading "Fates and Furies" -- and Tyler is the perfect antidote to the pretentiousness of F&F.

After F&F's intrusively annoying writing style, piles of references to mythology and Shakespeare, and far-fetched characters, Tyler is bringing me back to why I read fiction.

I'll be looking for more Anne Tyler novels to read in 2016.

Nell I loved Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, but I would also recommend the Amateur Marriage or The Beginner's Goodbye to start with
James Noah's compass, Breathing lessons and Beginners goodbye...
Lindac Hmm, I loved Back When We Were Grownups and A Patchwork Planet.
Richard "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant."
Mickey Morgan's Passing
Patricia This is the first Anne Tyler book I read. I liked it but I would probably start with one of her other books that are listed below.
Bee Wyeth My personal favourite is Searching for Caleb but I would start with Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant - one that I am planning to read again asap, 30 years after I first read it and fell in love with Tyler.
Jim Agree with Jimmy R. A Patchwork Planet is Tyler's very best novel.
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