Is this as good as the Dresden Files?

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Stuart It has a different feel that Dresden. Where Dresden is characterized by wit and humor, this focuses more on world building and the impact that a small person can have in such an epic world. I personally enjoyed Dresden more, but I may change my opinion as I have read more books in the Codex Alera series. Regardless, it is an enjoyable book and worth a read if you enjoyed Dresden files.
Dane Ponting Yes. May even be better.
Nirkatze One thread I have noticed in common with the Dresden Files is the way that characters constantly find themselves in absolute hopeless situations, with all their cards played, but somehow manage to creative-solution themselves out by the skin of their teeth.

I read the Codex Alera books first and loved them. I also love the Dresden Files. For both, I think the first book (or two in Dresden's case) is a bit slower, then it picks up and gets better as they go on.
Dmitry Far worse than Dresden Files in my opinion. I don't typically enjoy being a negative nancy but this is one of the worst fantasies I've read. Characters are incredibly simple and poorly developed, not allowing to connect with the overly simplistic plot-line.

If you're looking for a good "coming of age" book, there are many that are better than this one with The Saga of Recluce series being a great example.

EDIT (12/19/16):

Made it to book 5 thus far. The series definitely improves with each book and the conclusion will likely be interesting but the character dev and overall story-arch are still weak. I love Jim Butcher but this isn't the most impressive "saga."
Sharon Schultz This series is definitely NOT The Dresden Files. MUCH less snark, several main characters and LOTS of viewpoint swapping.

That said if you like adventure/fantasy novels with world building this series quite excellent.

The 1st book takes the for the want of a nail idea and runs with it.

Personally I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
Nancy Not even close. But a different genre, if it appeals to you more.
Lynette Haven't read Dresden Files yet but this series is awesome. Read it then thank Jim Butcher later
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