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This book won the Nebula and Hugo??? Can someone explain to me why/how/what?

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Karen Kerr I don't think it has "paled" at all. I read it 20 years ago and enjoyed its characters and story, and now just finished reading it again and enjoyed it on newer levels. The writing is rich and active. No dawdling with useless scenes or words. The introduction is a page and a half - got that? a page and a half! - and you learn from it more information about their history and world than I could put in a comment. The language is so rich you can make a vocab list out of it, yet never feel you didn't get the gist of a line. And Lessa! How can anyone not see how fully developed a character Lessa is? For the year it came out, she was a milestone in the strength of women. She inspired, and continues to inspire. This book absolutely deserved every praise and award it receives.
Jean Rice Silver, it's not fantasy, it is science fiction. Dragons are genetically engineered and the people are colonists from Earth. It's right there in the prologue. All of the prequels deal with how they lost their technology over 2,500 years, and the sequels deal with reclaiming their technology.

The author has said that the books are "science fiction with a fantasy element."
Marge Campbell Because it was so innovative at the time it was first published.
Laura Very well deserved I should say. This series is a true Science Fiction Epic where an entire new humans civilization evolves after a interstellar space flight crash lands on a very distant planet. Her books follow more the land that evolves around the pesky threads then sticking with certain people. And though there are some likenesses to life here on earth, it shows us how life could be if we had a different history.
Kevin Ryan Because it is the first book in an incredible trilogy. That is why...
Richard Because it was published in 1968, when Fantasy was a subgenre that wasn't considered very respectable, and few tried to do much better. That changed, so this has paled in comparison.
Jack Vasen Opinions are just that. Some, like me, love this book and series. Some are not impressed. Personally, as I said in my review, this may be one of my all time favorite books and I have read hundreds over a period of 6 decades.

As to Fantasy (or Sci-fi - let's not get too hung up on semantics) being so much better today, my opinion is that it has been corrupted into something I have trouble enjoying because of all the explicit sadism and torture that is so much a part of this genre today. It is even creeping into Youth books.
Silver I was thinking the same thing. Thank goodness we have better fantasy now a days. This book was awful on so many levels.
Ketutar Jensen Maybe the right question would be "did it win the Nebula and Hugo"?
"This book" hasn't won either. It's a fix-up of novellas, of which one won the Hugo and another won the Nebula.
Jennifer Lindsay I think I probably read this book about 20 times when I was a teen....it is part of my DNA now. Just bought the series for the high school library that I just started working at. It is true that the pickings were a bit more slim then, but it had all the components that an adolescent would long for...we shall see how it sells this to his generation.
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