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Tigerstar is evil or not?

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Foreign Grid Tigerstar was responsible for his actions as we all are, even though he was influenced. All the 'evil men' of history were influenced by others. Perhaps a father who taught them how to be greedy or a group of people who, by attacking that person, taught them to be ruthless, and so forth. Does that make the actions or the conscience of a person any more clear? No. The effects of nurture are something that can be overcome in reality so long as a person is not isolated from examples of what is good.

Did he justify his actions? Yes. Were the justifications logical? Perhaps in one sense.
But the ends don't justify the means.
The 'evil men' of our world don't ever think they are doing evil, surprisingly. That's how evil works and that's how it seduces. It tries to justify everything for the sake of one's unchecked desires and impulses.

So is Tigerstar evil?
I think Tigerstar did a lot of evil things and succumbed to the evil tyrannical side we all have. If only the power was coalesced in OUR hands then the world would be a better place.
This concept of evil rationalized is better defined by Machiavelli in his book The Prince which was one of the first famous books that made way for the present day philosophies of modern politics. (The backstabbing and corrupt kind)
Machiavelli states that excellence can only be achieved when a leader learns to be both good and bad, which in reality creates a gollum like split personality. Machiavelli praises tyrants for creating a unified state by committing several human rights violations and murders, because it is better (in his logic) that the state be maintained and expand rather than to serve the people (which is technically what a leader is supposed to do.

To better clarify the significance of this, it is important to also remember the illustration of the One Ring in LoR. While initially people who came in contact with the ring might have not been evil per se, their actions with regard to how they first obtained the ring to how they would later use the ring determined their level of bondage to Sauron, or evil. On one extreme we have Gollum, and on the other is Sam Gamgee. Sam refused to give into the rings temptation even after he used it through his own will and humility, Gollum on the other hand, killed for the ring.

Tigerstar would have been one who felt the temptations of the ring and accepted it without too much struggle. Perhaps it was due to bad formation, yes. But that does not change what he became later.

Again, was Tigerstar evil?

He certainly mimicked evil through his actions, that at least is certain.

Sheila Gould
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Megan Duh, yah, Tigerstar is evil; he betrayed his birth clan and is leader of shadowclan.
Ellie Fullarton Tigerstar is SUPER evil!
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Jennifer Leonard I think it wasn't all his flat, maybe someone made him upset and wanted revenge.
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