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I loved Revelation Space, but have gotten mired down 200-300 pages in with Chasm City. I read all the glowing reviews. What am I missing, it seems a little boring, should I hang in there and give it another go?

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Chris Nagy I feel the same way buddy. I think I'm going to give it a rest. Nothing much has happened in 300 pages as far as plot goes, Jeez. Frustrating. I gave up on The Prefect also. The names and plot just seemed so corny. I have read 3 of Reynolds' books that I have liked though; those being, Revelation Space, Century Rain, and Pushing Ice.
I want to like Reynolds, but man he can be boring as hell.
I know this probably doesn't help, but at least you and I both know that we are not alone. Yawn. Sorry.
Anna When faced with the same problem, it was only out of obsessive compulsiveness to finish a task started that I persisted, but in the end light came to shine upon us all. So, if you have not already done so, I'd say give it a go.
David I suggest reading the books in this order the last post here . This should clear things up. Both the prefect and chasm city are much slower.. I suggesst reading both after the main trilogy to fully appreciate them. They are 100% worth the read though. They shed major light on the overall plot and slot it beautifully with the full universe.
William Note: I felt insulted by Pushing Ice. It started out well, then the author sabotaged it with stupidity. :(
Shady12 Did you ever finish it? This is the only book of his I've read twice (I almost never re-read books no matter how much I like them). I just find his ideas and everything he writes fascinating so I never get bored. This book just had an amazing atmosphere to it.
Tony There's a really good payoff. Keep reading
myarmy I'm currently around 250 pages in and while I'm somewhat enjoying it, if I compare it to House of Suns (which is my favorite book of all time) I'm finding Chasm City to be a bit of a slog. Does the pace pick up in the second half of the book?
Fredrik I'm very late on this ball but felt the same. Revelation Space is a masterpiece of Sci-fi, Pushing Ice was cool in some ways and Chasm City was not bad but not good enough to be deserving of my time with all the other good books out there. Sad that Alistair is so uneven imo.
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