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Im a conservative christian &I just want to make sure there's nothing in this book that would go against my values/ beliefs? Please let me know if so. Thank you. :)

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Erin Honey, if you're going to be shaken by reading anything that you disagree with, then that's because of insecurity. (Which is okay if you're fourteen.) But we don't grow by never being challenged and by never being exposed to different views than the ones we were raised with. I know - I was like you, and I am a Christian too. We don't gain much by only ever having conversations with people who agree with us. You don't have to agree with everything you read, but it's still okay to read it, if you want to. :) It's a good book and a good laugh, if nothing else. Read it, and grow!
Andrey Your system of belief is based on books full of murder, incest, slavery, and war, mostly endorsed by your deity. It would be very disturbing if you find Tina Fey’s book offending you.
Esme This question makes me so sad, but it demonstrates the self-censorship that so many Christians inflict upon themselves. I want to read everything. I want to be challenged, horrified, offended, and moved by the books I read. I want to know how the world really works. Challenges people have faced. Take off the blinders and risk having your beliefs challenged just a tiny bit. It'll make you a better person.
Perciun Don't. If you're even asking this kind of questions, stick to the "recommended for Christians, afraid to read what haven't been recommended for Christians". If your beliefs are not logical and consistent, don't let any opinions that might be different to yours close, otherwise they might shake your belief system and actually appeal to your reason.
Anne I'm a Christian. My recommendation to you is to skip this book for now. If you have to ask the internet if you might be offended by something in a book written by a woman who's had to compete for attention in bars and on national tv then it's really not a book you're ready for. The funny parts won't be funny. The lifestyle parts will probably not be things you aspire to or admire. For example -- she likes having kids, but she talks about how gross they are.
Katsuro Honestly, the fact that you ask this before you read a book tells me you should stick to reading things that were written specifically for conservative Christians. (Or accept that not every book has to agree with your values to be good.)
John Alley Well, she does not kill people for working on the Sabbath. Nor does she stone anyone that wears clothing made from more than one kind of cloth. She does not advocate selling a daughter into slavery to pay off a debt.

So right there are three things that violate your Christian beliefs.

But if Ezekiel 23:20, "There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses." Does not offend your Christian beliefs, then you are unlikely to be offended by anything in Tina Fey's fine book.
☮Karen Am not sure what your values are at this point in your young life, but Tina Fey is open to many things such as having a sense of humor, diversification, and acceptance of people who are what they are because God made them that way. One can accept something for what it is without "praising" it. That's what she does, and does it well. Well, she also does a bang up impersonation of Sarah Palin. P.S. Peace and love.
Marc Geller I'm not sure a biography that can go against you "values/ beliefs." It is an autobiography of a comedian who accepts all walks of life. She curses more than I would have liked, but if you're open-minded, you'll love it!
LadyCalico Whoever would have imagined a group of so-called adults would so vilely abuse and bully another Goodreads member for politely asking a sincere question? What is wrong with so many of you that you are incapable of showing simple courtesy and respect and offering civil, thoughtful answers to her concerns? So much hate, intolerance, and lack of basic humanity, maturity, and class shown by those trying to prove that they are so much more open-minded and superior to this reader--ha! Snarky insults and refusal to respect a community member's dignity are not indicators of open-mindedness, but ignorance and ugliness.
Yaaresse Well this is a depressing question.
Don't you think part of the problems we have today are due to people self-isolating and not ever wanting to acknowledge the existence of anything that could challenge their point of view? Whatever you believe, if it's not got a firm enough foundation to withstand being exposed to something that might challenge them a little, then they must not be very firmly held. Living in a bubble isn't the answer.
Barack Obama As the former US President, I would like to say there is nothing wrong with this book. I love this book.
Wilder I have yet to read it, so I'm afraid I can't answer, but I agree with Hopi in that the book is probably similar to Tina Fey's humor herself, so that might be your best litmus test. Otherwise, maybe ask around in your church groups to see if anyone else has read it and can discuss this concern? (There's a website called CommonSenseMedia.org that lists content for some things, but this book doesn't appear to be on there.)

There's no need for such rude responses to this question. What retaliation just for mentioning religion. Not everybody is up for being challenged with content that bothers them--some days, people want to read something light, not something that'll hit them across the proverbial face. Some people like "trigger warnings," while others don't mind being shocked, even unpleasantly. This is clearly what the original poster was looking for, not a lecture. You're not going to change someone's mind by being insulting.
Russty A very practical question... most(not all) books written by comics are full of off-color language, nasty jokes, and explicit descriptions of sexu.al encounters. This book has some language many might find offensive; but on the lower side of the scale, and only brief references to sex(and those that are there are not explicit. Some of her quirky comments contain sexual references, but not that many.
I didn't find her humor in this book to be even close to what she displays in her comedy writing(for SNL, for example), or in her stage performances. She hits the "homosexual" theme pretty heavy early on in the book, but not gratuitously so; nothing explicit, just references to events in her early life by friends and acquaintances who are part of that particular group of people. Hope that helps!!!
Karen Seriously??? How can you believe in anything that's not proven if your not willing to disprove/ and or prove what you "believe"
Take you head out of the sand.
If I say I believe the sky is brown because thats what I have been told and choose to go along with, does that mean the sky is brown. Look at the sky decide for yourself.
Lisa Maxwell "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." (Php. 4:8)

I get where you're coming from. My book club just chose this book, and I'm less than enthusiastic about it. But I did seven years in two different seminaries, and I understand that we're to be "in" the world without being "of" it. Would I choose it of my own volition? Nope, but I'm not "afraid" to read it and discuss it. In order to engage with the unsaved, we sometimes have to understand -- without succumbing to -- the world in which they live. God bless.

Carolyn It depends on what your values and beliefs are but yeah-- I imagine there is. Tina does not censor her language at all. Try reading Ellen-- just yesterday I heard someone say to Ellen on tv "I can't believe you're so funny without cussing." Choosing christain humorists would be a better choice for you unless you can rise above being offended by modern expletives and vulgarity for some good laughs.
Jim Chevallier If Christ and his disciples had avoided everything that went against their values, Christianity wouldn't have gotten very far.

This said, if you choose to live in a pure Christian world and NOT do what Christ did - engage with the wider one - well, no, you should not read this book.
Cheronica I read this book before I became devout but would not read it now that I am. So sorry for all the negative responses you have received on here. Please don't let that deter you from asking again in the future. I usually ask things such as "is there cursing in this book? Any magic or supernatural stuff included? (If I suspect) Is there any sexual scenes or explicit talk? Are there any homosexuals?" Unfortunately when we identify ourselves as Christians they automatically know what side we are on and instead of wanting to help they want to attack. Hope this helps. Happy clean reading. 😉
V. Seriously? This comment can't be for real...
Amy Reineri This book will make you pass out from the shock. It's a honest and truthful story with dirty words and everything. And I mean everything!
Hilda Smith Hi, if you're under 17 than you should consider not reading the Bible unless you & your parents are comfortable with exposing you not just to murder but mutilation, murdering your family members, not just to sex but incest and rape, etc... God gave you a brain & free will. There are Angels and Seraphins to worship God w/out hesitation.
Bryan Tanner Maybe skip it for now. In the meantime, may I recommend reading Boundaries by Henry Cloud? It is super clean and written through a Christian lens. It might help you in the future to answer the question of whether or not someone else's life experiences and opinions might upset you.
Hopi if you are a fan of tina's you'd know the answer already... if you know nothing about her or her body of work, maybe take a look see, make up your own mind based on available evidence....this is one of the funniest autobios ever written without taking anything away from the remarkable glass ceiling shattering climb she made from republican parents to improv to , well, again, if you dont' know, we cant help you
Fabian Caceres Probably life and reality...
Melissa Wow, I'm sorry that you got so many rude responses from people because you don't want to subject yourself to something that makes you uncomfortable or goes against your standards. I can't believe how close minded and intolerant people have been on this feed.

I understand your question, I don't like to read books that have lots of useless swearing, sex scenes, and such. I don't enjoy watching shows like that. It is fine to have standards. We don't watch MA shows or R rated movies and I don't want to read books that fall into those types of ratings as well.

Good for you for wanting to sure what you let into your life is of high qualify and standards that you respect.
Lou Wait...do you live on this planet? Did you vote for Donald Trump? Do you support gun-toting rights? Unless you live on Mars, you already have gone waaaaay past your conservative "beliefs." A belief is a propositional attitude, that is to say, a belief is the mental state of having some attitude, stance, take, or opinion about a proposition or about the potential state of affairs in which that proposition is true. A truth is an incontraversial fact. Whether gods, christanity or any other religion or philosophy and/or whether the bible is fact or fiction or whether this writing or that writing is worthy is not a fact, not a truth, cannot be proven or disproved. There is indeed a sociology of ignorance which historically has benefited those seeking power from politicians to dictators to religios leaders to fanatics to fundamentalists. Life is just so much easier to be one of the mass, sit in the back seat and let someone else engage your brain. Whatever floats one's boat...who's to judge...until you've experienced and seen into the dark hole of a hitler, a franco, a stalin, a mao, a pinochet, a jim jones, a david koresh, a bin laden, a jim baaker and bothered to know and understand then I'm afraid you are doomed to repeat the past. Let then your comfort zone be your guide and ignorance your comforter.
John Howard Grant I kind of doubt this is a serious question. Anyway, did you read it? Are there books/ideas/experiences that can change your fundamental beliefs and values? Challenge them. Go for it!
Karen Moller Just reading will open your mind. You don't want to start out negative and closed. That is not the way to learn about life and about the wondrous things of history. Go back and start with Shakespeare and Dickens and books when there was still censorship and work you way up to today. Read books that show you other worlds like Nomad and American Dirt and A thousand splendid suns. I'd also recommend A Woman is No Man which shows what it was like for women in the Middle Ages and how those conditions still beset women of the Muslim world. I makes you realise how far Christianity in the western world has moved away from such conditions,
Big_K If you had the opportunity,
Would you try to change another person's belief to fit your own?
Would you tell another person that his/her way of thinking & belief is wrong and your values/ beliefs are right?
Would you be persuaded if a person comes up to you, tells you that your values/ beliefs are old & inconsequential?

If you answer No only in the third one, then I have nothing to tell you and you are better off not using the internet.
The book is amazing. It's all about the life of Tina Fey and her beliefs.
I do not know what your values/ beliefs are as a Conservative Christian but You do not need to be persuaded or offended by reading this book.
If you are a fan of SNL & Tina Fey, read the book
if not, no one will force you to.
Laura No. Don't read it if you cannot read something that is against your religion. It is not Christian.
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