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Mary Salt asked:

Is Nina just a psychopath who was turned crazy by her dad as a child or did Emma do something really bad and I missed it? Can't quite work out if Nina was blaming Emma's existence and Nina's father's attraction to her for her parent's ruined marriage? Felt like it all led up to not much and was expecting Emma to have been a murderer or similar.

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Julie Nina most likely had BPD and was not a psychopath. Borderlines feel too much where psychopaths have no feelings at all. She cared about her daughter in a normal way. I should know considering I have BPD myself.

However the person who said it's "this side of paranoia" is incorrect. Paranoia is usually found in schizophrenia. Borderlines view people as good or bad and nothing in between. Since Emma had the attraction of Nina's father that made her "bad."

Borderlines are known for stalking, manipulating truths, and having a false memory. All things Nina did. Most likely she wanted Emma to hurt as bad as she did. I could go into far more detail about all the borderline-like things she did. lol
Bill Kupersmith I see Nina as having Borderline Personality Disorder - some of my ex-friends (they are always ex) suffer from it. It's just this side of full blown paranoia. Also she probably has a very complicated & ambivalent obsession with her father.
Nadine Nina was a psychopath or at least, a borderline personality. She had to be to be able to blame Emma for her father's attraction and seek revenge in such a hateful way--the drowning of the boy. In Nina's mind, she took the child so that Emma would suffer as Nina had suffered when she felt she lost her dad to Emma.

I too thought Emma and Nina shared a secret about something horrible they shared. The only thing that was horrible was created in Nina's mind.
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