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John Jeppson Authors are not your Bitch.
Poul You forgot 3 things.

1. Wheaton's Law
2. * is not your bitch
3. All Caps makes you look like a kid throwing a temper tantum.

*Insert author name.
Russell For all the idiots saying "authors are not your bitch", we are customers and we will eventually fucking lose interest if shit just keeps getting pushed back, and we have a right to complain about the delays. It behooves them to release in a reasonable amount of time before nobody gives a shit anymore/people are so annoyed they don't bother out of protest. At a certain point you have to stop treating your work as so fucking precious and get it out to your customers. If you ordered a steak at a restaurant and the waiter said it would take 20 minutes, then 60, then 90, then 4 hours, many would walk out and might never return. No different here.
Vollmir If you want rushed crappy fantasy buy a newpaper.
Mel Waiting is frustrating, but authors aren't machines. They need food, water, sunlight, human compassion and friends. Life gets in the way sometimes. Don't forget you speak to a person when you speak to an author. Someone who is already under a lot of pressure. Someone who may have had a loss, or be dealing with things emotionally, financially or physically. There's also the fact that books are a work of art, they can't be rushed or they won't be half what you wanted and you'd be even more upset. My advice is to fill your library with many authors so the lack of one work is filled by another.

Don't forget when you speak to each other you also speak to people too. I think we forget these things too easily when we go online and it's starting to bleed into offline contacts as well. We value each other and our feelings less and less and we talk or act before thinking through whether an action or word is necessary. Whether or not we have tried to understand each other or found where frustration comes from and marked each other as rude or mean. Sometimes we just...don't think first, we just go with a feeling and because we feel it, it must of course be true and right.
John Ross As per http://www.gollancz.co.uk/2015/03/cov..., it will be this year. And give Scott Lynch some credit, he was having health problems during the hiatus on The Republic of Thieves. Now that he is back in shape, he might be slightly delayed but he is getting on track.
David The issue is that if you begin reading a series that isn't followed up for many years, you will forget what it is that you read. So what's one possible solution? Don't buy any books until the series is complete. But I don't think authors want that. If we did that, then they'd never make any money until the series is complete--which means the series would never be complete because nobody will have the opportunity to write a second book if nobody bought the first. So I do believe that authors do owe the fans something. They need to deliver the next book in the series within a reasonable amount of time. This is a silent contract between reader and author and I don't think either side is happy when the terms of the contract are modified.
Christopher I'll wait as long as it takes.
TheGreatRainbowTrout This entitlement culture is getting way out of hand. Whoever is helping The People of Walmart figure out how to use the internet, or computers in general, please stop.
Eurymakos I understand your frustration. It sucks waiting for the next book by an author you love.
That said, being an author is tough. Lynch has put out three terrific books so far, would you rather the 4th be complete right now, but be shoddy and not up to par with the others, or, he takes his time and releases a book that stands up well next to it's predecessors?
Be patient.
Ethan the gap between the second and third book was due to family problems. If you take that out of the equation, Lynch isn't doing terribly- 1 year between books 1 and 2 and now 3 years between 3 and 4. Sure it isn't Brandon Sanderson levels of writing speed, but its better than Rothfuss' 5 years without a release date, oh and yes the book has been finished for ages but I HAVE TO LIVE UP TO THE HYPE so I'm editing it heaps.

Sorry. I don't even care. Take your time Patrick Rothfuss. Its ok. I don't even care any more. Honestly. I can't even look forward to book 3 any more. I'd rather have Stormlight 3 honestly, which I at least know is coming.
Ketutar Jensen Sure, authors are human beings and writing is a process and life happens until it doesn't, and bla bla bla. But there is a very simple answer to this.

If you are a writer, you can say "yes, I have planned sequels. Don't know how many, don't know when, perhaps never."
But if you say "yes, there will be 7 parts to this, I already sold the manuscript, the cover is ready, I know what will happen" - then you have made a promise.
Asking when you are going to follow through with the promise is not in any way inappropriate.

And all that "writing is art and you wouldn't want a rushed work" - Every professional artist worth their salt will tell you that "yeah, it's not fun every day, but it's my work, and I do it, because that's what people do." If people like Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway could do that, then Scott Lynch can do that. Pulp writers and paper serieal authors did that, and what they produced wasn't all crap. At this point, I'm pretty sure people would forgive some possible problems just one gives them a story, and I'm 100% certain of that Scott Lynch can write a story even if it's not perfect. I mean, just look at your favorites and read some 1 star reviews. You had no problems with those things.
Frankly, when it comes to art, when you edit, and polish and question yourself, the risk of you killing your work grows - as you will get rid of all freshness and imperfections that make the work alive and interesting - and you will kill your joy and belief in the work, and the risk of you never daring to let it go grows.
No. The first two books came out with 1 year between them. Then it took more than five years for #3, and it was 7 years ago. With this rate, he might get #5 out to his 100th birthday. Let's just hope he'll live until he's 200.
So, no, it's not the readers who can't wait to get the next book, who are to be blamed here, it's authors and book publishers who make empty promises. Let's not enable reneging.
Hannah Everytime I ask myself this question I think "well, at least he's not Patrick Rothfuss"
Deano Wasn't Republic released last year??
And give the quality of mr lynch's work I think only having to wait a year is amazing.
I wasn't expecting anything till 2016.
As for mr rothfuss. I've got to admit I was thinking it would be out by now.
But we can't always get what we want.
So I the meantime I'll be enjoying all the other great authors such as mr Sanderson, mr Abercrombie, mr lawrence, mr McClellan..... The list goes on and on
Shadow's Bane Lynch is going through some hard times.... rothfuss is an ass.
James Webb Late 2018 was the last I heard. I got in trouble for asking a similar question on Amazon for book three back when I was still young. I feel your pain.
The line has been crossed for me.
It'll be a shame to not buy the book when it comes out but you have to vote with your wallet rather than complain out loud, or else RIP inbox. Some people see these authors as delivering their books selflessly as a gift to mankind rather than a transaction you are allowed to complain about. If you went out for a meal that was three hours late, you'd complain and likely get a discount or it for free whether the chef was depressed or not. So i'll be borrowing this and leaving the gap in the shelves as a reminder not to get my hopes up.
Allison Just something to consider: writers who do literally nothing but write are probably doing really bad writing. When your office is just the space between your ears, you have to take care of your own mental health and feed your own well of inspiration, or you run out of steam. Surest way to turn out bad writing? Do nothing but write, eat, and sleep. Stories come from the world we inhabit.

In other words, authors are not your bitch.
Anil Agree a 100 % , I wonder how those nescients going to defend these authors now after more than 5 years of this comment?
Rich Don't be a tool Luky88.

I have learned from Jordan to be patient, because we all suffer if the author hurries and puts out crap. I would rather wait and read verbal heroine than have the author hurry and forcing written vomit on us.

Take your time Scott. Do a good job.
Kato Lmao, I'm still waiting on "Lynch and Rothfuss," expectantly with a tinge of despair.
Jay Fox Don't be such a dick, please be my guest and write a 600+ page fantasy novel and lets see how long it takes you.
Smäug Glaurungsson As long as it's not a complete waste of time like the republic of thieves..

Tabetha (sp?) is the most boring pointless character ever created,

... Locke and Jean's adventures are usually that, adventures a heist, a cunning venture. Not several hundred pages of boy meets girl, boy wants girl, girl wants boy - but they can't be together, why? ... well because.

Scott should have killed her off and then Locke and Jean could go do something fun.
Greg Benham As of 12/07/2016 from the man himself: "THORN needs an ending written (the ending is outlined in depth, just not yet written) and some targeted rewrites in three or four specific areas, based on vexing but extremely astute criticism from my agent, my genius wife, and a trusted friend. This is my primary job for December."
Lissa Makareka Stop being a self-entitled whinger! Find other books to read while you wait and start treating writers like people. Lynch has already explained that he's been struggling with health issues. How about a little empathy?
Liz Skewes The Amazon product page lists JULY 2016 as the release date, and the Gentleman Bastard website says 2016 as well. I imagine that July 2016 is when we'll be told to expect the book in Fall of 2017, with the way things have been going. The wait would be so much less annoying if the goal posts weren't always changing at the last moment, after a year or more of anticipation and expectation. That just sucks, regardless of who is or is not whose bitch. I hope Lynch doesn't lose readers because of this and I hope he's okay. He's a great writer.
Kev Never. Glad I stuck to my Martin rule. Never start a book series until completed or near completed, unless the author is Sanderson.
Arthur Hyatt when authors do this ,like pat rothfuss -14 years and still waiting,i will only buy used books to make sure they no longer recieve a single penny from me
Jumper RBK this book is cancel and scrap from release
Eric Oppen I think people would get a lot less annoyed if publishers weren't always announcing a release date, only to say "It's postponed!" again and again and again.
Jenny Karkoska What NOT to do when you are really excited about a book coming out and the author is taking longer than you would like: Bitch about it

What TO do: wait
Heather Lynch announced that he had completed the first draft of this. Then his house burned down and his computer with it. I don't know how much he was able to salvage of the first draft but we have to consider that he might have to start all over from scratch.

If he writes 2 pages a day, which is a reasonable amount, he can write 60 pages a month and Goodreads is predicting 500+ pages for this book. So Just under ten months. For a first draft.

That's not taking into consideration the emotional rollercoaster that he must be going through with having lost all that work.
Illiterate Bibliophile I added the first book to my wish list many years ago, but I decided not to venture into the series until it's finished. When I added the book to the list, the author had three books in this saga. And... years have passed, and the situation hasn't changed? Whoa. I legitimately thought that maybe something happened to the author. No, he is "not my bitch," I haven't even read any of his works! But I am not prepared to be his, so I have deleted his books from my to-read shelf. Minus one reader for him, minus one author for me, and it's fine. Both of us can deal with that, thankfully.
T.HiggsReviews While I wouldn't have put it like you have (you come across as extremely immature and entitled) this is why I have put off starting this series.

I understand that authors are people and have problems like anyone else but it's been 7 years since book 3 was released and I'd rather wait until I knew books 4 and 5 had release dates at the very least before starting the series as I do genuinely think I will love it and want to binge the whole series in quick succession.
Daniel Buckley According to Amazon it's 19th of August 2021
Neil The fact that you are this frustrated and the comment list is as long as it is, shows how much that you and many others care about the series and the work of the authors you mention. Just relax, pick up another series, set of books, or what ever it is you do with your life for recreation; then enjoy the next book in the series when/if it comes out.

Enjoy life all.
Karen Sumpter Scott Lynch announced on 5/23/19 that he had completed the manuscript and submitted it to his publisher. No publication date yet.
Camille Mcnally Rothfuss has young kids. They deserve him more than any of us do.
Rodney You are a whiney little child. I would take twice as long if I was either of them, entirely to punish this terrible bit of noise.
Josh Look, we all know those feels. Part of me thinks that an author should have an obligation to his fan base, especially when writing a series since each book is the continuation of this story that we have chosen to follow.

However, I also want the books to be good.

It's frustrating to have to wait 2, 3 (4, 5, 6 Rothfuss...) years but I would absolutely rather have to maybe wait longer than I would like for a book that is good and a true representation of the series I've grown to love rather something pushed out early just to appease impatient fans.
CHeEse Okay, 6 years have past, so I suppose you wouldn't care about this reply, but it will be release on next year's April. (And it's the end of the year for me, so, well.)

Just before any comments made my opinion sway, I have to say the pace of The Lies of Locke Lamora's sequels are in truth really slow. While I dislike and simply hope for the less of aggressive comments emerging, I totally get why people have been, and still, are impatient.

I'm just glad that I've heard and start reading this series so late and so many years after the first book was release... Now as time flows fast I felt, the fourth book will be out and hot as hell, freshly from the oven in no time for me.
Saket Tiwari It's 2020, and this is still a valid reaction to the progression of the series
Hal The author posted a tweet just a few days ago (May 23, 2019), saying that he had "completed a draft of THORN which will now go to my editors for consideration and planning." So maybe 2019 or early 2020 could be possible for a release at last! No promises or formal announcement yet, though...
Christopher This title will be released on November 12, 2019.
Pre-order now.
Dave Dave The Thorn of Emberlain: The Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Book Four: Scott Lynch: 9780575088511: Books - Amazon.ca. This title will be released on November 12, 2019.
Erik I just saw it up for presale on Amazon Canada ! November 12, 2019!!! I didn’t see it on Amazon for the US.
Silje http://www.gollancz.co.uk/2016/08/an-... We'll just have to wait and see. :/
Natalie Portmanteau September 22 according to the latest GoodReads newsletter.
andrew y August 25, 2016 update - At WorldCon 2016, Lynch stated he is shooting for an April 2017 release, reported by multiple people. GR listings updated to reflect this.

August 18, 2016 update - Release date has once again been removed, as Lynch has announced he will not make the planned September 2016 release. No official new date has been given.
Further details from him here: http://www.gollancz.co.uk/2016/08/an-...
Mighty Amazon has the release date listed as July 21, 2016, usually they don't put a specific date unless the publisher gives them one.
Mihnea Gheorghiță The book will be out late fall 2015, possibly September, as per the editors.
Monika Just saw fall of 2015 for the release date. This comes from the Gentlemen Bastards website, based on an interview Scott Lynch gave at the Tucson Festival of Books. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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