Charlotte Gehrs

Can a 7th grader read it?

Shaun Hutchinson I think that depends on the 7th grader. There is some profanity, and it deals with heavy topics like death and bullying. But I would have loved it when I was in 7th grade, and I think there are definitely some 7th graders out there who enjoy it.
Gertie I'm in 7th grade and I read it today. There was some swearing and stuff about kissing, but nothing too extreme and nothing that I don't hear about every day at school.
Krystal Jones My 10 year old daughter wants to read it after hearing Mr. Hutchinson speak about it at the YA unique formats at TXLA. I told her sorry, not yet sweetie, but may show her the graphic novel parts. ;)
Moondough I'm a seventh grader and I'm really interested in the topics of the book so... maybe that answers your question. ;)
Arianna Im a 7th grader and as long as kissing, death and swearing doesn't bother you, by all means read away! :)
Melissa iorio Sadly, I feel that 10 is the new 17 years old. My girls were never babied. They were loved, but they always new a little bit about practically every subject matter regarding life, coming of age, health and wellness, religion (all religions for them to make their own informed decisions when they were old enough), threaded lightly, but made sure eating disorders were discussed when there was a time that the topic came up, race and how we're 'all' human no matter color, sexual orientation and again that we're 'all' human and that Love is Love Is Love between two people of same sex or not. All of that and then some made them the incredible and wise young women they are now. They're in their teens, but they walk with a wealth of knowledge. Often times their friends don't have a clue 're: topics and words they use and I'm proud to say those are just how intelligent my baby girls (not so little) are. They always have been because hiding these topics is ridiculous. They're learning worse in public schools and everywhere else. Best to learn it from home. Only a parent can decide whether it's time and/or to which extent we share topic details. We never babied our girls. Freedom of speech and respect so they could grow and make the best choices for themselves and for accepting all people. Understanding, Compassion, Educating (which they do often) and just Loving others unconditionally. We 'need' to make these topics available at younger ages these days!! Now if I could just get help with the teen attitude, lol. Sometimes they're too smart! <3 Love my Girls! #NOH8 Freedom to choose and live from being informed at a young age. Freedom to believe as they wish and the knowledge that 'hate' is not a word that should ever be living in their hearts......Love is always the answer. My two cents because kids are learning these things even years younger than 10.
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