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So, it looks like this was added a number of years ago, and when I looked on her website, the first two weren't even mentioned...does anyone know if this is actually getting released, or did someone just manually add it just to tease? I thought the Shiver series was ok, but I really loved Lament and Ballad and I know she was planning on writing it, but I can't find any reference to this book anywhere

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Heather Glad I'm not the only one trying to get my hands on Requiem or at least more info on when it's coming out. So I searched her blog and here is what I found. In her blog post from 4/6/2012 Maggie says "... last night I finally turned in the first draft of REQUIEM (the third and final faerie book) to my crit partners". Later in that post she responds to this question "Can you give us any further information on Requiem? Even just a few words?" with this answer "’s slated to come out in 2013 but I don’t know which season at the moment. Sorry.". No further mentions of it in any of her posts, but on the FAQ on her blog there is a question listed asking "Will there be another book after LAMENT and BALLAD?". Her response - "I have written the third book, REQUIEM, and my editor tells me it is a fine book, but I do not believe it fine is good enough. I will not let it be released until I believe it is more than fine. I can’t tell you how long that will be." There is no date on that FAQ so no idea on how long ago she posted that, but I'm not feeling hopeful after reading any of this. I don't think it's very nice to her fans to treat the 3rd book in this manner. I really love this series and would like to see Maggie give it a higher priority or at least set some kind of deadline for herself. It's been 6 years since Ballad and fans of the series have been waiting (mostly) patiently. Come on Maggie, do it for your fans!
Angie When I spoke to Maggie at a signing in November 2016 about this I believe she said she's working on it. I want to say she had it done and it was going to her editor or her editor was wanting it then. Her instagram (@Maggie_stiefvater) post on 12/12/2016 leads me to believe it could very well be this book that we've been waiting for. Fingers crossed.
Irene This is what I remember but it's been awhile.
She had mentioned it a few times but the last I heard, she was supposed to have been writing it when inspiration for Sinner kind of got in the way.
I also read that she wrote Requiem but didn't like it.

She's probably working on the final book for the Raven Boys which is due out next year and will hopefully pick Requiem back up-this is just me guessing though.
Jael Maggie Stiefvater first mentioned Requiem here in 2011: Since then, I have seen her periodically mention it on facebook and in interviews.
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