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I'm I the only one that thought the total lack of sex seemed unrealistic for a boys school?

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Thomas Yes, you are the only one. A boarding school is very strict and most boys were focusing on the war, not sex.
Ayla This was written at a time when sex was not forced down our throats through the media, there was a moral and religious influence through the school and the time boys were brought up to respect girls. After all this was the 40" were you didn't even say damn without having your mouth washed..
Lynette Gaines I kept expecting the two main characters to discover that they were in love with each other.....much to their surprise.
Tristan Black Wolf I read this at age 13, after having read Robert H. Rimmer's The Harrad Experiment two years before. I was disappointed at the time, and only during my college years did I discover the idea of "unrequited homoeroticism." I need to revisit the book to be certain, but my sense of it back then was that the author avoided outright sexuality in favor of using the theme of "war as loss of innocence" as opposed to facing sexual insecurity and ambivalence. (That, itself, is an underlying essence of war.) "Blitzball," invented in the book, was the symbol of both the war and the denial of sexuality -- constant, furious activity, mildly sadistic, never resolved, without the possibility of anyone winning anything other than more frustration and denial. I have no doubt that there was a lot of sexual activity going on, but depiction or open exploration of it was not the author's focus.
Cassandra John Knowles actually wrote a work called Phineas that was a precursor to this one. In that one, Phineas spoke to his roommate about the times in the past he had had sex. Yes, it was with girls. It was made pretty clear that his roommate was impressed that Phineas had experienced something so grown up that few of the other boys had.

Sex in the early teens was not so common in those days. Societal expectations were different, and the boys were kept too busy with lessons and sports to obsess about sex.
Hunter Houle trust me, i go to an all boys boarding school....no sex lol you would be killed/executed for that behavior...especially at a catholic school. Just joking...you will not find it though.
Vince Hendrix I would hope that you are the only one who thinks that.
nelllybellly I would have thought the same thing if I read it now. But when I read it half a century ago as a teen boy, that never occurred to me. Admittedly, I was very ignorant about anything regarding sex but sex was much more a closed topic when the novel was written.
Judy I've read the book several times and never thought of it but I think you are right. I've read a good bit about boarding schools in Great Britain and they were notorious for it. Molestations and abuse were not uncommon between students.
Tony They were living at an all boys school. Besides, Gene and Finny were so caught up in their friendship neither boy would of had time for a girlfriend anyway. Of course, some of us have high moral standards. I’m in my thirties and still a virgin myself.
Humppy I really wanted a hot and heavy boner session between Chet and Quackenbush
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