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I give up :/ I read so far and gave it 5 star rating because the first couple books were amazing. Now I'm just reading it for the sake of it. I started reading the book's for Rand, but now he barely even had 100 page's to him. What's happening is like 4 separate stories 200 pages each, and I just don't care about most of these characters, so i end up skimming 200 pages. does it get better?

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Mathemilda There are a lot of repetitions, which are really annoying, and way too many details which add to the amount of pages but not to the development of the story. In addition, with change of author comes change of writing style, and I would survive it. But what really disgusted me is blatant sexism of that author (do not think that his name is worth mentioning). An Ais Sedai ENVIES her warder because he is calm and physically strong?! Like a woman is incapable of keep her cool? And why on the Earth somebody with access to One Power will be jealous of physical strength? My, I bet the guy fancies himself as logical, just because he is a man.
Anthony Fisher Of the latter Books in the series Book 11 (Knife of Dreams) is an improvement. See my review. I have read a number of books by Brendon Sanderson and enjoyed everyone of them. This is the main reason I have continued to read on after a 10+ year gap when I gave up at Book 9. Brendon Sanderson has written the last three books in the series, following the death of Robert Jordan. If they are written the same way as his own stories, then they should be a good read.
James Harrison I don't think it gets much better. I have not enjoyed them too much. I am just hoping that somehow the books Sanderson writes are better than the previous 11 installments.
Andy Zach I must echo the others: Knife of Dreams is a substantial improvement over Crossroads of Twilight. The last three books, written by Brandon Sanderson, with Robert Jordan's heavy input, are better yet, among the best in the series. If you've made it this far, you owe yourself to read the last books in the series. Jordan/Sanderson tie up the plot threads and bring the series to a very satisfying conclusion. See my review on Knife of Dreams.
Bettielee sadly, book 10 is the worst! book 11 is so much better, and yes, I really think the series gets better - mostly because of Sanderson's more-to-the-point writing! It's been 6 months... did you continue?
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