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Bri During a battle near Sunningrocks, Leopardstar wants the former place back. In order for ThunderClan to get it back, they have to win a battle against them. Fireheart then informed Stonefur and Mistyfoot that they are Bluestar's kits, and he was trying to defend his leader because they were trying to battle her. Once Graystripe warns Fireheart of Leopardstar's attack behind the rocks, he is told that he is a traitor and can no longer be in RiverClan territory. If a RiverClan cat sees him on their territory, he will be killed. They then win the battle, keep Sunningrocks in their territory, and accept Graystripe back into ThunderClan, though many cats do not like him since he left for his kits.

Other spoilers (that most people may already know):
~ Crookedstar - RiverClan's leader (and Silverstream's father) dies, and Leopardfur becomes the new leader of RiverClan.
~ Bluestar looses her last life.
~ Graypool dies from - what she first thought was Oakheart - Tigerstar.
~ The Clan finds out Snowkit is/was deaf, and gets carried off by a hawk.
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Lesbocinderpelt leapordstar exiled him
Tanya He can't stay after betraying RiverClan-no one would accept him there after he helped Fireheart by warning him about Leopardstar in the battle by Sunningrocks. He knows his kits will be looked after by Silverstream's friends and no cat will bother them as their mother was Crookedstar's daughter. As well as this, Greystripe knew that he didn't belong with the RiverClan cats-he missed his old life and friends...
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