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I was thinking of reading this series but i am afraid is childish because Percy is just 12. I am also afraid because this may look like a Harry Potter and i hate similar stories. I like diferent ones. I also like action,mistery, twists plots. Should i read these books? I also want to know if Heroes of Olympus are different from these series or if it is the same shit it another name? P.S. I REALLY HATE UNORIGINAL PLOTS

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Serena You don't need to be so repetitive - much like those plots which you don't care for -nor so rude, calling a work of literature shit just because you *potentially* don't like it doesn't make your tastes better or worse than someone else. But if I were you, I would pick something I wasn't already prejudiced against, reading something with a open mind can only help.
aurelia pjo isn't much like but sometimes they do get similar
Mia Westfere It may depend on whether or not you liked specific elements (not just action, mystery, and plot twists) in Harry Potter, both series have "coming of age" themes, and as time goes on, the books become less childish. As for the Heroes of Olympus, it is technically a build on of off Percy Jackson, as they call upon a new plotline and characters in addition to the original series set in the same world. For the similar story line thing, one must remember that authors use a specific arc, especially in fantasy called Heroes Journey, which more or less fantasy writers use throughout their novel(s), this can sometimes lead to similar arcs, but if a writer is good (and yes, Mr. Riordan is) then the story is easily enjoyable so long as you are not nitpicking for flaws. It also depends on what you view as "unoriginal" there are some story elements necessary to move the plot along, and most fantasy plots behave the same way, but are good books nonetheless because their author is competent. J. K. Rowling and Rick Riordan have very different writing styles, and a fresh take on a classic plotline can be just as satisfactory as an all together new approach on a story arc.
Megan Gable Ok, when I read this book their was a few childish moments but Percy grows from a 12 year-old boy who barley knows who he is to a 15 year-old hero who saves the world!!!! Also their are very few moments were Harry potter moments get mixed in a little. P.S. the heroes of olympus series and the Percy Jackson series are a little alike but also a little different because I think the battles that their training for are a little different. I'm not positive on that because I'm still on book one of the heroes of olympus series.
Olivia Grace Elliott Yes. It's not childish. It has some similarities like the trio and all, but it is very original. I think you should.
Kate Evans I didn,t even notice the similarity til someone pointed it out. Definitely read them, they're great! I was twelve when I first read them, but I still love them now and I have plenty of friends my age that do too.
Charlie So Heroes of Olympus is set after the events of The Last Olympian, which is the last book in the Percy Jackson series. It is also really original(like a couple plotlines are the same as Star Wars or Harry Potter), but it is its own thing.
Cosmo Heroes of Olympus is like a second series to Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Reading this series first is advised before Heroes of Olympus because then the mentioning of certain characters will make sense to the reader.

Harry potter and Percy Jackson are often discussed as being similar, however Riordan and Rowling are both great authors who just happened to make stories that were later compared to each other.
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Jennifer Jordan Definitely not a Harry Potter book. The only similarity I see between them is the trio. Percy is Harry, Hermione is Annabeth, and Grover is Ron. Ron was replaced by a satyr😂😂. Anyways, the plot is totally different though, and the characters have differences from the characters. (Except Ron. Still can't get over the fact he is a satyr.) It's a great series, and so is the spin off.
Henry Xavier Patrick Pope Read it it is great
And Peggy Don't read it. Too many similarities between other books. Plot twists are predictable. There isn't really much mystery. There's action, but it's kind of stupid and irrelevant to the plot. It's not too childish, but it's a bad book.
MADDIE G Don't read it if you're going to pitch a fit.
Matilda Melhuish I,for one love this book.plz read!plus I don't think that harry potters are similiar because I didn't enjoy them but I I did on the jacksons xox
Alexis Percy becomes a teenager so don't worry. They hit some hard topics and it gets interesting. The plot constantly changes too!
Max Percy Jackson is not that much like Harry Potter.
Jill Henderson These are awesome books. Rick Riordan is my favorite author and I have read tons of books.
Chasity(Bookworm) The lighting their is not a bad book ,however if you don't want to read it you don't have to read it because it is your choice.
Bans Shan My suggestion, READ it. Read if you like adventure, read if you like action; a pinch of thrill & some mysterious twists. Especially read it if you like to know some history, brilliantly linked through a fun & engaging plot.
P.S...This has nothing to do with Harry Potter.
Alex Percy Jackson is kind of like Harry Potter but not magical and stuff
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