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I find it very strange that the protector of the queen should attract such reverence from the people, when everybody apparently agree that he is pure evil... In my book that lands him in the hated evil vizier-category, but maybe it's a special Thai-thing?

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Daniel Grad Traditionalist Eastern cultures put a lot of emphasis on hierarchy and assigned roles in society. Individual feelings are not as important as in Western cultures. So even if everyone hates him, they still have to show respect (not in a coercive manner; an individual would feel ashamed for showing any outward sign of their feelings towards the person they're supposed to only show respect for).
But besides all that, I think here "the people" who revere him and "everybody" who know of his reputation are actually two distinct groups. Most characters in the book have connections and access to information that are beyond what most of the population would know. The common people only see his public image and maybe a few have heard some rumors.
Pat Stick around, kid. You're about to see it play out in the US.
Eric It's not just a Thai thing. England, for example, had Richard III, immortalized by Shakespeare.

It's pretty common in history for viziers/advisors/regents to gain and abuse power by association with their royal charges. Usually because the royalty they serve is too young, weak or sickly, or simply uncaring about what really happens in court. And they get the the added perk of simply shunting the blame on their masters if ever the populace ever decides to rebel.
Joanna I think it's the public person that is revered. The people that knew him certainly didn't. The Queen is good, he protects the Queen, therefore he is good.
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