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Anish Kohli Though your question is not clear as to did you not understand the legal stand of the book or the moral, i'm gonna answer both:

1. LEGAL: It's pretty simple really. He was declared Legally insane which for the layman means that he couldn't differentiate Right from Wrong and was incapable of making a sound decision at the time.

2. MORAL: if you read the book, then you know what happened to Lee's daughter was Inhumane to say the least. Considering this, in such situations, it is not only MORALLY RIGHT, but also important to mete out Punishments like these to the culprits. Thus with this thought in mind, the Jury took the legal aid for the insanity plea to let him walk on a technicality.

Hope this addressed your query :)
Juan Jo Ponce I have read it once already. Some time later, I borrowed it o a friend who unfortunately left it in the public bus and my book got lost. Now, last weekend I found and purchased a used version for only $3.00, therefore, I am happy to be able to read this incredible novel again! You won´t regret it, this is a 10-star book! This a must-read novel! (Thumbs down to spoilers! Buuuuuu!)
LaTina Great way to spoil the book I'm only a quarter way into. They have the spoiler check-box for a reason!
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Daniel Clark JSC Shootaboot: Could you please delete your question? It's a total spoiler (as colorfully indicated by Scott Toney). I just started the book, and innocently thought I'd check it out on Goodreads... When all of a sudden BAM! There's your question right at the top of the page, ruining the entire thing. Please consider deleting your question.
Scott Toney Can you not post spoilers in your question? Jesus.
Nidhi Sahu Hey. If a person is insane and is not capabale of what he is doing or what will be the results of his actions, the he is not guilty. There's no "Mens Rea" which means guilty mind in an insanity plea if the defendent proves their client to be insane.
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