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Could someone please tell me a honest review about this book. How is it?

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Dilek VT People have controversial opinions about this book. The opinions are strong: They either love it or hate it. Judging by the high average of the book, the ones who love it are the majority. I absolutely LOVED it.

Let me clarify this first: I hate dominant male characters. I dislike alpha male characters. I don't approve violence, abuse or alike. I can't stand books in which the hero takes a weird kind of pleasure in hurting the heroine - I cannot read novels that include BDSM. But, this book and its hero,Travis, are NOT LIKE THAT as some people say. He was never ever violent against Abby, never hurt her physically. He loved her too much, really too much to bear her absence. I don't say Travis is the best boyfriend material; what I say is he did everything possible to be one after he fell in love with her.

I so much loved him, I cried for him, I cried with him. On the contrary, most times I was angry with Abby for hurting Travis and breaking his heart - I that much loved Travis.

So, if you ask me, read it, but in the end, you will either be at the one end or the other, either love it, or hate it. I hope you can love it...

I started reading it and couldn't put it down. Although it is long, it is not boring. It captivates you and really messes with your feelings. I literally cried out loud, but I also became so happy. In the end, it was a book that deserved my time...
alex Personally I didn't like the romance. But it really is a quick read. I finished it in only two sittings. If you're okay with possessive guys as love interests, then I think you should read it. This kind of book is really a hit or miss. You either hate it or love it. I'd say try it out.
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by Jamie McGuire (Goodreads Author)
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