Bahaeddine Ait ouade

Didnt knew Geishas still existed in the 20th century :o, until when was it made illegal?

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Orinoco Womble (tidy bag and all) "Geisha" and "prostitute" are not the same thing. There are still geisha who are what the original word means: artists. "Gei" means "art." They specialise in one of the performing arts: music, traditional dancing, reciting poetry or singing, etc. A real geisha's job is to act as a hostess in the true sense of the word, by providing conversation, serving food and drink etc at formal dinners, or accompanying a guest to observe the beauties of nature such as cherry blossoms, autumn colours etc--often with a picnic included, at which the geisha will serve the food or treats. They are paid for this service, but sex is not a given part of the service offered. There are indeed prostitutes in Japan, as there are in every other country in the world (except maybe Antarctica), but the terms are not interchangeable.
Lynn Brady A Geisha is an artist who may upon occasion decide to accept a sponsoring patron in a long term relationship. It is their choice, however. The Geisha is very refined and cultured and she will act as a hostess that makes the man feel special.
LAURA K. The book itself actually answers this question. The main character becomes a geisha, while her sister ends up in a prostitution house. Geisha are more refined, and more involved in the arts. It is mentioned that geisha tie their obi in the back, whereas prostitutes tie theirs themselves and in the front, due to what they , um, do constantly. Geisha usually have one sponsor who pays for their education and helps elevate their status as a refined lady. Hiring a geisha would be comparable to, now, hiring an artist's model or a musician.
T Huong Geisha was never made illegal, and the modern geisha is actually no longer an indentured servant as they were in the past and some even marry.
Forrest they aren't illegal, because there isn't anything illegal about them, that's one thing the book actually gets wrong, geisha then and now are not required to sell their bodies. A geisha and a prostitute are two different things, though children are no longer sold to okiyas but as long as the woman wants to become a geisha it's totally legal
Tasvirezendegi Geisha was never made illegal, and the modern geisha is actually no longer an indentured servant as they were in the past and some even marry.
Loris Nous réalisons la greffe de cheveux Turquie pour les personnes souffrant de calvitie.
Sophia Z You don't say? I had no idea of this development...
starryblu This is one of my favorite books ever. The subject of geisha fascinates me. I have done much searching for a similar book. Are there any?
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