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I have just recently discovered this series and unfortunately started in the middle. I read Worth Dying For before 61 Hours and never grasped the magnitude of the explosion Reacher was recovering from. Did I miss an explanation of how he survived the jet fuel explosion? I thought the two dead guys by the overturned truck would have to be explained. Also how could he have walked away in that cold???

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Meg I'm pretty sure that you can't read these books as though Jack is an actual human. He's sort of half super-hero. Child makes the events almost possible but you need a good pinch of suspended disbelief. I've read them all and enjoy them like a more literary 'The Phantom' comic.
Philip Higgins The explanation, mentioned in "Worth Dying For", was less than convincing; he dragged himself up the ventilation shaft, fighting the hurricance force backdraft and using just his arms. Not sure how he survived the heat or the massive explosion - the cold was the least of his worries. There was nothing else on the aftermath of "61 Hours"...I'm happy to suspend disbelief but this was a bit weak.
Stephen Arnott Spoiler...

As far as I recall, the explosion vented up a central ventilation shaft, the combustion of the jet fuel being fed by air being drawn down the stairwell Reacher was trying to climb. He had to hang on really tight to prevent himself being sucked down into the inferno, but otherwise was protected from the worst of the heat. After all that, I don't think a bit of cold would bother him much. Perhaps he had mittens and a scarf...
Lisa I know this is long after your initial question, but I'm writing only because I recently discovered these Jack Reacher books and like you, kind of jumped into the middle.

I remember being confused by the explosion at the end of 61 Hours, and even thinking, 'huh, the plane blew up too?' It wasn't quite clear.
Lee Miller It is answered later in the book, but it's not necessary to understand it or to have read the previous volume. And that's a good thing, because the previous volume is the weakest in the series.
Robert Andres I think he is part cyborg.
Mick HAH! He definitely seems weatherproof, flame-retardant and thermo-resistant!
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