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I just recently got this book and I'm going to read it for an essay I have to write in a few months, can anyone give me their opinion on why it should be read, why you think its good or not, how it inspires anyone, why it should be taught all through out high school classes or not taught, even if you believe it should not be taught?

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Ashley I read this book in about a week, and I thought it was compelling not just as an education of the slavery era, but because of the characters, including their motivations and the mental traps that allowed slavery to exist. The character's stories and relationships were also a very good reason to read the book, with each plight saying something about the times and the immorality that existed back then. I don't think it was a racist book at all -- in fact the author was clearly arguing against slavery -- but rather set in a very racist time. But the whole thing is very enlightening and worth the read.
Emma Johnson Many people shy away from reading this book I'm afraid, simply because it would be considered an outrageously racist book in our day and age. However the painfully raw history intertwined in this book is so educational for anyone who reads it. Especially if you keep in mind the mindset of people who read this then, you can see how effective it was in making people understand the plight of the slave. There are so many wonderful lessons to learn and see the beautiful character of Tom as well. I have read the book twice myself, and I don't think I could ever be bored of it :) Good luck!
Denae Christine It sounds like you're trying to get us to answer an essay prompt for you. Be careful to still read the book yourself and come up with your own answers.
Andreia Lucio It is a must read. It presents the mindset during slavery times. The racism and prejudice evokes powerful emotions, and I found myself freely crying on several passages.
Liz I agree on all of the below. Its a classic that shouldn't be passed up. It is sad and beautiful at the same time. Its part of history. We must understand history in order to not repeat it.
Wilbur Ochiltree I agree that this book is a must-read for all of us. It's raw, in your face, to the point, realistic views about slavery and the times is something we all need to know, so we can bring the situation into the light and understand it better. It also gives great inspiration through the eyes of Tom and Eva, and other characters. Whether you are a spiritual person or not, you will see what it is like to live your life for others out of love and devotion to them, and how faith played a big part in their lives. This brought out against the contrast of the horrible institution of slavery makes it all the more important, and poignant
Tim Rubidge I would suggest that this book is one that should be read, regardless of its literary merits or lack of them. This is simply because of its important position in American history and its impact at the time and afterwrads.
Mary The book is of its time, but, as a white woman, it strikes me as less racist than, say, Twain. And I would always argue in favor of reading Huck Finn! Uncle Tom himself is not servile; he is a true Christian hero who, though he never gives in to hate, also never loses sight of his love for his family or his desire for freedom. As a woman, Stowe's major theme was the deliberate destruction of families in slavery. Toni Morrison tackles some of the exact same themes in Beloved, and I always thought it would be cool for a book group to read the books together.

Morrison's book is obviously harsher and clearer in its focus. But yes, Uncle Tom's Cabin is worth reading. It still has things to say to us today, and the characters are unforgettable.
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