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Six Book series? Don't know if Sarah can handle that. Takes a lot of work to drag a series on that long and I usually only last to the fourth book in series that seem to not want to end. I hate it when authors seem to not want to move on from their books. Anybody else worried that the length of this series might ruin the overall whole book?

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Alexandria Lance Not possible every single book she writes just keeps on getting better and better
Henri Metivier I think anyone saying they're worried it's dragging too long hasn't read book 4, and definitely hasn't read book 5 that was just released. I think if you're trying to say the author should, "let it go," you're not very savvy on her writing and plot abilities.
MinyHannah Umm.. HOW COULD YOU EVEN BOTHER ASKING THAT..... (*gather self-control) Breath ok. Continuing. Literally, how could you ask that?? Sarah is amazing every book has me captured, I read the entire series in 6 days!!! The length of the series has nothing to do with anything, and to be honest I want this series to endless and go on for an eternity cause it is AMAZING!! Sarah can handle anything! :) Keep it up Sarah!!!!!!
Kalli Bunch No...I personally love it when a great story continues...So I will continue reading as long as she keeps writing :D
Maggie Never. Read Empire of Storms and you might cry.
Saara Sahara Oh God damn gurl, I just read EoS and I can assure you her books don't get boring or predictable, also Sarah is a very skilled writer so I think ToG#6 will break my heart just as much as this one did, before Empire of Storms came out I was a bit sceptical myself but that feeling is completly gone now and she sure has a lot of fixing and explaining to do in the 6th book. And I think this might even be my favorite book in the series yet.

Spoilerrrrr (kind of): [[[My sweet little Aelin and that b*tch Meave and holy effing God Rowan and Aelin at the end... T.T to much to handle ;-;]]]
Andre ''I hate it when authors seem to not want to move on from their books.''
Cassandra Clare.That''s all I''m sayin'
Lena I think that especially in this series, the books get better. The first was actually quite bad, I think, but then the second was better, and the third was very good, and the fourth was amazing... so I imagine fifth will be great and sixth will be even greater....
But I think it will be the last book. At some moment Erawan has to be killed!!!
Mags Not possible. They just keep getting better
lian w Well, personally, no. Yes, sometimes the first few books might be more original, but as long as the content is good and the story continues, I'm good. I'm probably the opposite as you, cause I really want endless books in one series, because I crave for what happens next. I'm really sad this is going to be the last book. :(
Lawrence Ma lol no cause look at skulduggery pleasant thats like....7 books..? n it was fantastic till the very end
☯Meera☯ Well, sucks to be you, because this series is now seven books long. Sorry, sweetie. Meet Tower of Dawn.
Elizabeth Never. Her books just get better and better and it's obvious that she set up for this and isn't just trying to drag the series on
Lynn Just finished EoS - I read it in ONE day - it is that amazing...
Taysia O Not a chance. Sarah is a great author, plus there is so much in the plot that it will never get boring! I mean in Queen of Shadows, there is so much that has to happen. For example: Elide, Rowan and Aelin... Plus, Sarah would never let it get as bad as the Harry Potter series. There is no chance that the sixth book would be a let-down... :3
Irina Heck no, the plot in each book keeps you so hooked and I just keep saying “holy shit, no way!!!” several times throughout each book, she is able to throw in things to keep it fresh, and the way she is able to tie in things that happened earlier, and slowly reveal things in such a clever way. And the dialogue! Maybe some series, but not this one.
Emily Yes, there are series that are way too repetitive and should have ended at an earlier book. However, Sarah J. Maas has done a wonderful job at building this world and these characters that each book is exciting and full of twists and she is great at not revealing every detail so when something important comes up it is exciting to see everything coming together and, I personally, never see it coming. She has created this wonderful and complex plot that has kept me on the edge of my seat and it blows me away at how I can feel what the characters are feeling and can picture what is happening. I personally don't think she is stretching it out to make more money, she may, but the series as a whole doesn't feel rushed and it is perfectly paced and each book is better than the last.
Kshodha Previn hahahahhahahahhahahahahahahah.

That was a good joke. My life ( as well as other lives) is/are literally depending on that "six book series" thank you very much. No sure if you've read it but if you haven't please do before you assume about SJM running out of ideas.
Erin I think that won't happen because so far each book hashed almost a different purpose. The first obviously her battle to become champion, the second her battle to not be the kings lackey, the third to master her power, the fourth to get her revenge in Adarlan and the fifth to begin her quest to save the world from duke perrington/erawan. The next book is obviously all about Chaol and Im assuming (praying) the one after with be about rescuing Aelin and beating the evil. Having said that, I would literally read anything written by SJM, my Queen.
Jijipop6 Nah, she's too good. She will do amazing things in this. Plus- DO YOU NOT WANT ANSWERS??? EVERYONE NEEDS ANSWERS??? DON'T BE RUDE ABOUT THIS I NEEEED ITTT!
Lilith No. I have a feeling that this series was pretty well planned out and that SJM would make sure that there was still character development, as well as plot development. Besides that, the series can't be over yet! There are still things that have been left unresolved after Queen of Shadows finished.
Nuha Hameed I am a bit worried that. Bit I think, since it's Fantasy, the length can be excused. I honestly thought the series was ending with QoS. It seemed like it was to me whilst reading it. But when I reached the ending I knew she couldn't finish it off there. But WHAT she's gonna write for another TWO huge books idk!
Sandra I agree that things tend to get stretched pretty thin/repetitive over too many books, but I wouldn't blame it 100% on the author though. The publisher is seeing $$ so of course they'd like to stretch it out as long as they can.
Loz She pulled it off all right!! Brilliant!
❀ katrina rodriguez ❀ After reading Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn, I can't help but feel as if a seven book series is still too short for me, haha. I'm gonna cry because of Kingdom of Ash for sure.
Faye I'm a little late to answer this, but I have a little different answer from everyone else here... No. I don't think Sarah handled having such a long series very well, she kept changing up the storyline and adding filler that doesn't contribute to the story. Saying that, they are still one of my guilty pleasure page turners.
Jell-O Shots Throne of Glass was supposed to be a trilogy and honestly it would have been so much better as trilogy. Sarah seems like those authors who can’t let go and is now beating a dead horse.
Kat Surprisingly it gets better and better, my favorite is Tower of Dawn so far (which btw is considered unnecessary by a lot of people, but I enjoyed it tremendously). And this came from someone who's not even attached to any of the characters :)
Olivia Wakim Agree times ten. Bad case of greedy publishers, at least it seems that way to me.
Emma Wardrobe NOPE, because the amount of detail SJM adds and creates in her books makes it so that anything less than 6 would be unacceptable.
Alana Mason yes i felt like it should end with the next book. If it goes on after that it will suffer. Wrap it up.
Jessica I don't want this saga to end. It's great
Chloe I'm not worried that the length of this series is going to ruin the series itself because Empire of Storms is very good!
Zosia The books just get better and better.
Stefany Melia not with book 5... book 4 seems kinda boring..i'm jumping the chapter without Aelin on it... but book 5 totally rock it! And the cliffhanger! Big Note: i LOVE Aelin so much! Now i can't wait the 6th book...
and of course, the TV Series.. hope it won't be suck...
Jessica No, not possible . Every time i read her books they get better and better.
Amrit M Nope!! This series is great, especially EoS , that ending just means you can't wait for the sixth book!! We need a title to get us through the wait, (might as well add a cover) ;)
Alice_l_bierly This is the best series I have ever read. And no I don't think length has ever ruined a book series. It's the readers choice on whether or not to continue to enjoy the book series.
WorldGoneHaywire I bet it is difficult to write a six book series, but Sarah and her books are just amazing, and it's just- argh this series is so great that I can't even describe it!!! Seriously, you don't need to worry. These are such awesome books and nothing could ruin them! :)
Colby The length of this series was perfectly fine. I feel like it could've gone on for more books. I really would like to see what happens afterwards. This was probably my favorite one in the series.
Madeline Cooke I understand what you're saying completely. I think 4 books is definitely the cap for when a series should end, but I actually think the TOG series is an exception to that rule. This is mostly because the first two books are an almost separate feeling series than the next ones, and the books don't get heavy and dense until book three. I think the series could have been condensed, but I also don't think having a large book count detracts from it here.
Heatherm These books were one of the best series i have read some of the content after book 3 gets downright detailed...i honestly wanted one last chapter to jump a year or five ahead to give that completed touch
Jenny Dahl Bakken The sixth book convinced me - it was about another continent and a previous bi-character. It was wonderful, a breath of fresh air. She really crafted that continent and culture and it came to life. And she seems to have managed book seven nicely aswell.
Amanda Stewlow HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EAT IT!! They only got better with each book!
Eileen Love every one of them - and the prequel novellas. They're essential too.
Lexi L No! All of the book are amazing. And you need all of them to understand the plot. Like if you skipped the 7th book you would be lost in some parts of the 8th book.
Gracie Katz Her writing hasn't stopped increasing in quality and i doubt it will any time soon.
Lena Nope, I swear some how she is able to make every book interesting and unforgettable so honestly I’m so sad it ended cuz now I don’t think I can ever find a series as good as this one
Cloud James Like what I've been hearing lots of's not for everybody. If you don't like it, then move on. Find books that will make you enchanted. I didn't like that vampire series-that seems to go on like forever- by Bella Forrest. I swear, it's dragging me to hell. I mean, why waste my time if there are books around there that I could truly enjoy.✌
Scarlett Nowlin I don't even think think it should stop at six. I don't want the series to end!
Lea Kane Absolutely not! Sarah is a talented writer that keeps each book filled with adventures I don't want to end. In fact, I'm grateful there are more than 4. Her ACOTAR series was too short for me. Love and miss those characters.
LovingBooks That is SO not true!! The books just keep getting better and better. This series has made me the happiest (Rowaelin/Manorian/Samlaena/Chyrene/Lysandra+Aedion/Elorcan) and the saddest (Nehemia/SAM CORTLAND) and the angriest (Maeve/Erawan/the King/Darrow) and a series that can make me feel all these emotions so acutely definitely deserves to go on.
Kyra I know she can handle it. The books getting better and better and let’s be honest, fans love never ending series. STILL CANT BELIEVE KINGDOM OF ASH IS THE CONCLUSION. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE NOW

(Sorry, breakdown)
Shyeena (*compose yourself, act naturally)
Nah, She's had (mostly) everything planned out for years so everything is said and placed for a reason so that it can eventually all come together. There is no way she can fit that into anything smaller. If she were to then decide to make another it would be pointless (having everything tied in this last book) and she would definitely be dragging it out ( not that I would complain :) )
Joyce nah its littttt!!
Inferno Reaper No she is a great writer and no matter how long it is she keeps on amazing us. It doesn't matter how long a series as long as it is still good.
Hannah Noonan Her books keep on getting better. Read Empire of Storms
MIZUKI Not able to continue??? dude it's on the sixth going to seventh and I can't wait. I'm hooked! And waiting one year makes me anxious!!!
Her books are so amazing!
Littleobserver Have you read Harry Potter though.
Correction, have you read any of Maas' books?
Vivienne I usually feel like you do but there are a couple exceptions (e.g. Vampire Academy). THIS IS ONE. I can't even believe myself how much I love this series. It's so rare that an author can make a character go through several love interests without losing credibility but Sarah does it so perfectly and ugh I just seriously love these book and hope the series never ends.
Debbie Wulff-de ste croix Best author ever.She can handle it. AWESOMENESS
Marissa At this point I am honestly worried that 7 books might not be enough...there are SO many loose ends right now and relationships that need resolutions that I'm worried I might not get everything I want in only one more book. I would honestly be ok with this story getting a book or two more, or maybe a couple of follow up novellas to see how everyone is doing in the future.
Danielle You probably haven't read the latest installments?
While I usually agree with you and I don't like it when authors drag on series unnecessarily long, this is an exception. This series is so very different from what it was when it first started. It doesn't even feel like the same series to me. That might be just me, but I don't see this as dragged out in the slightest.
Nadia Are you kidding?? These books keeps getting better and better!!! I could read many many more, so sad that his one will be the last :/
Stephanie Mass is my favourite author of the year. Bring on whatever she has coming! x
Bruce Lamb "...and I usually only last to the fourth book in a series..."
I feel sorry for you. If a series isn't at least 4-5 books it doesn't typically interest me. I read a lot of books and 1-3 books is just a tease. The series barely has time to get going and it's over. The Dresden files is a good example, 15 books out so far and my favs are 8, 12, 14(to be fair I hated 13). While not all authors can write a long series, those that can are definitely worth reading. I saw book 6 of this one came out a few days ago and my head almost exploded; Just bought and am downloading the audiobook now. I happened to notice the tag for book 7 here and my day was made even better.
Julia each book is better than the last and i feel the books started out really slow(book 1 and 2 should have just been one book). The 6th book should have been 3 chapters in the final book-not its own book. But this is the book man. THIS IS THE BOOK IM DYING TO READ! I don't want this to be just one book. I want this book to be many books because so much more needs to happen before the conclusion of this series! There has been so much leading up to the war that It seems sad the actual peaks of the war will only be one book. I'm still pumped for this book.
lelia Just read #5. problem solved.
Serene Oh, she can handle it all right. Never underestimate Sarah J. Maas. I learned that in Empire of Storms.
Danielle I was worried too when I first saw the size of this series, but Sara Maas is such a skilled writter that ever book is better than the last and I just want to keep reading more! To me Maas is the new J.K Rowling
Nicole it depends on how much effort and thought went into the book, the Empire of Storms and the Queen of Shadows was much different because they came out when the COMAF came out, it at least takes a year and a half to do one book but doing two books in that time is risky. We have to wait and see if the final book of this series leaves the mark that this series started with or will the ending be at loss to our hopes
Taylor Rathbone You can tell if you have read every book that the story isn't over yet
Brooke If J. K. Rowling can pull it off, what makes you think Sarah J. Maas can't?
Jummai What?!?! I'm sitting here praying for book seven and you're....
Magdalena NO, every book is better then the last.
Nikki Arun No wayyyyy her books just keep on getting better and better. At this point I'll read anything she writes
Izzy Fizz Have you read the whole series? As shown by ACOTAR and TOG, Sarah tends to have her books progressively get better.
Melissa Richardson Dresden Files, The Hollows, Mercy Thompson. Just a few of some amazing series that have long runs. Great authors have a way of enthralling people with character and plot developments. Sarah J. Maas is one of those people. I'll keep reading them as long as she keeps writing them. She has a wonderful gift. Her writing is spectacular.
leema How could you say something like that !!!
Gis Not at all, the story is still strong and I am waiting anxiously for the sixth book of the series.
Lobna I want this to end I miss the final book, all the writers now drag on and on and it feels wrong, I want it to end while the book is so interesting, so it's easy to go back and read the series again.
Ewan Iona Baird I for one thought that the series could've ended and it would've been fine at the end of book 4 but when I read book 5 Sarah managed to ensnare my mind again in her words and I am left desperately waiting for book 6 to come out. I can stick with a series for a while as long as it doesn't become repetitive and this series certainly isn't.
LILY never it seems like that all of her books are well written and her story line gets better and better each book

Evie I don't think it is possible for Sarah J Maas to write a bad book! I just can't wait for the next one to come out!!! *fan girl moment*
Joseph This series might as well be counted as a 5 book series with 2 prequel books(Throne of Glass and Assasin's blade). The overall series plot kind of only starts in the middle of book 2.
Anil Shanker Wow... Empire of Storms was the most epic one yet. Queen of Shadows, as legendary as it was, couldn't top it. This series is the perfect length; the last book will be the end of Erawan and Maeve, and hopefully not Aelin.
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