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Am I the only one who hates Brenda ?

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Alex Personally, I've supported Thenda/Bromas since Scorch Trials. I've absolutely hated Teresa throughout the series (before reading Kill Order), but Brenda was all-in-all straightforward with Thomas, unlike Teresa. Can you please explain why you hate Brenda? She was one of my favorite characters, besides Thomas, Newt, and maybe now, Mark/Alec?
Ally I don't hate her... But I DETEST her. Thomas should have been with Teresa.
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Clara Dear God, no, I hate her too, and I fervently support Thomesa. They should have been together in my opinion and they had much more chemistry than Thomas and Brenda, whose relationship felt so forced to me, as if Thomas HAD to have a love interest. Like, I get it, if James Dashner didn't want his protagonist to end up with Teresa, then I'd rather he ended up alone rather than with Brenda-the-stand-in.
Jonalyn Bautista I like Brenda. But I hated it when she ended up with Thomas. I thought there's going to be a thing between her and Minho, until it was obvious that she's going to replace Teresa's place in Thomas' heart.

My heart broke when Teresa died without being forgiven completely by Thomas. It was okay to see Thomas and Brenda end up together but it all seemed to me that Thomas was so unfair, everything that Teresa did, she did it for Thomas. I thought Thomas loved Teresa very much to understand whatever she did, I mean come on guys, it was not selfishness that drove Teresa to do what she did -- it came to me as "desperation." She might have been naïve or even ignorant but her love for Thomas never failed. So to console myself, I just try to keep in mind that Teresa is just too good for Thomas. Sorry, my fellow readers, especially to those who were happy knowing Brenda and Thomas ended together.
Kristina Lundström I loved Brenda! I never really liked Teresa from the beginning so I wasn't sad that Teresa and Thomas got "blocked", I was actually happy that Thomas met someone as straightforward as Brenda. Then again, I never really liked Thomas either. Newt and Minho were my faves.
Sadia Khan I didn't hate Brenda but I did severely dislike her. I shipped Teresa and Thomas and she was getting in the middle. Like come on! ......SPOILER...... Teresa freakin died to save Thomas. How can you not ship it! I would have probably loved Brenda if it weren't for the fact of her and Thomas together thing. Also Thomas and Teresa were best friends before the maze and don't forget their mind reading communication thing man!! I wish I had that.. (sigh).
Geneva Millikan It was always Thomas and Teresa, and I didn't trust Brenda from the start
Vanessa I don't think I hate Brenda. But what I'm sure of, is that I don't like her for Thomas! It should have been Teresa!
Rebecca No actually. I would've loved Teresa and Thomas to be together especially since they were best friends before the maze.
Agustina I hate Brenda too -_-
Ruth Fajardo NO, bruh. I hate her, too. Thomas and Brenda just don't fit together, for me. Theresa's better.
Aashna I didn't hate her so much as hated the idea of her with Thomas. I always thought Thomas was unfair to Teresa, as she did what she had to do as she thought Thomas would die otherwise. ***SPOILER*** I thought her death at the end of TDC was pretty unfair, as she technically she was in an argument with Thomas throughout the entire book, and after reading the TKO, and finding out all she's been through, it made it all the more worse. I always disliked Brenda, as I felt she sort of came in when Teresa and Thomas's feelings and relationships were weak towards each other, and sort of got into Thomas's life when she wasn't wanted. (Well, wasn't wanted to me anyway ; ))
Rosie Black I also detest her, Thomas and Teresa were perfect for each other and I hate Brenda for trying to steal Thomas Teresa was always my favorite Character and I hate that she dies so I didn't bother reading the rest of the series cause I don't wanna know what happens! I would b heartbroken if Thomas ends up with Brenda.
Angela Saucedo I can't stand her. She lied to Thomas from the beginning about who she was but he doesn't give it a second thought that she was working for wicked to deceive him from the start, yet he can't stop whining and acting all butt hurt about Teresa deceiving him (even though Teresa was forced to by wicked to save his life.) Brenda was so clingy and deceptive.
Fred I don't hate her but I really would have preferred Teresa over Brenda. Sacrifice is the ultimate declaration of love. Why I didn't get is how Thomas could not have seen Teresa's love for him. Is he blind??!!
Claire Amar McVey I like Brenda but I hate her haircut. I hate Teresa since (I've watched Scorch Trials) after betraying the lads.
Saatvik Teresa: I liked Teresa in the first book. I hated teresa in the second book because she tricked Tom and kissed Aris on the cheek. In the third book, i hated teresa until the death. She was okay. But in the Kill Order, i liked Dee Dee (Teresa's real name). I am pissed off because of the Teresa's death after reading Kill Order.
Brenda: I don't like her because she is way too straight forward and who the hell kisses people that dont even know her. How the hell she is a main character, i thought she was supposed to be a supporting character.
Teresa is way better than Brenda and i hated Thomas being with Brenda. It should be like Thomas and Teresa, Minho and Brenda. That would have been awesome
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Unbiased 1) I like them both. So, "I ship Thomesa/Trenda" is not a valid answer to dislike any of them in my opinion. Relationships are not their personalities.
2) When it comes to Teresa's betrayal, didn't Brenda do the same?
4) Thomas should've ended up alone. Not because I don't like him, I do. But he has major PTSD and is very CLEARLY emotionally exhausted. It would've been a better ending. Main characters don't always have to end up with someone.
5) Brenda is interesting so I wish she had actually been fleshed out.
6) I love Teresa too though.
7) You CAN like both of them simultaneously.
8) Who you like should not be defined by who you ship.
ella I disagree. Both of them had their advantages and disadvantages. But the true ship is Newtmas
unknown I HATE BRENDA SO MUCH. I have always liked Teresa, but Brenda always gets in the way. ( I also ship Teresa and Newt)
Emilie G I actually didn't like her at first because I supported Thomas/Teresa but then Teresa was just such a....and Brenda grew on me. So no, I honestly do not hate Brenda, I can't stand Teresa personally. But I will respect your opinion, this is just mine. (:
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Lmorris22 I dont hate Brenda..
Danielle look, I dislike Brenda, but I hate Teresa, and I think, even though I don't LOVE Brenda, I think she's the better choice for Thomas! Like, Teresa almost killed him on the Scorch Trials
Shimaa Aly i don't trust her something feels wrong about her
Michele Saqui
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G.B. Lindsey I don't even feel like I know Brenda, or Teresa for that matter. So it's impossible for me to hate her. It's hard to be invested in her either, so... This book needs more concrete character development instead of constant back and forth about who lied about lying about lying. No way to get to know anyone.
Makayla What's wrong with Brenda? I love her she's my favorite character.
A. Wolfert I don't hate her... but she's definitely better than Teresa.
Eileen I really don't like her because she lied to Thomas about being a crank. She was so straight forward about her fathers death, it was like she was not telling the truth. Thomas and Teresa are so much better as a couple and you see them more as the perfect couple, while Brenda and Thomas are more of a high school couple that breaks up.
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Jana Banana
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Karina Jacques I don't hate her, but i don't like her either. I don't know who would be better for Thomas, if she or Teresa, but I think Teresa deserved an opportunity same as Brenda after her lies...
Mymy I do not like Brenda either. I just have this strange feeling about her...
Kelly I dislike Brenda but I hated Teresa,
James Dashner made a plot twist while creating Brenda in order to wash away the "everyone-knows-Thomas&Teresa-are-going-to-be-in-a-relationship" thing, but he should've introduced it in Death Cure then, cause the whole Brenda situation was obvious since Scorch Trials.
I'm happy with this decision, though. Thomas is way too good for Teresa and I guess he'll just have to deal with Brenda's clinginess now xD
Ember Ignis Well, I do, in some sense. I ship Thomas and Teresa. Because unlike most of you out there, I somehow read The Fever Code before anything else, and the two were so cute in that book. And my opinion is not that easy to be swayed, so yeah, I am a firm Thomesa shipper. And I feel really bad when Brenda came in. Expecially when they kissed. I mean, it is not as if Brenda is all-innocent. In case you guys forgot, she pretended to be a Crank and Thomas' bestie in the 2nd book, when she is a healthy person and half on WICKED's side.
Sadie No,

I hate Brenda. She is sooooo annoying. For some reason Thomas did not really care that Brenda was with wicked but he literally only thought about how Terissa betrayed him. And like she had to. Also he felt more betrayed because he actually loved her.
Ferret Fox Honestly... I have mixed feelings about Brenda. I wouldn't call her a favorite but I can't say I hate her either. I would love to know how you got your opinion though.
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Ash. B I don't hate brenda or teresa, they are both good characters throughout the book, i don't know why thomas would hate terresa as she only protected him
Brennen How can you not like Brenda she is a great character
spud i think she is way better then Teresa, she one on my faves, i don't know why you hate her. she the best thing for Thomas. so stop hating on her
Patricia Miller no, i hate her so much too
Jayden Croes no u arent. i hate her bcz she hides so many things from thomas.
Carla no you are not!
Peter yeah i hate teresa too. she didnt deserve to die though.
Prakash Parasuraman Mutual bro. Never liked her and always imagined Teresa to be in her place. But the tragedy by the end of the novel really raised by frustration.
Rachel O'Brien I hate both, Brenda and Teresa. They are really annoying in my opinion. Maybe it's 'cause I'm so in love with Thomas, but I hate them lmao
Layla i honestly hate Teresa and love Brenda. Teresa is a witch
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Emi nah my friend hates her but i kinda like her.
Renee I thought both love interests were so boringggg , neither of them had particularly different personalities. I had a hard time telling her and Teresa apart...
Daniela noopeee. But I hate Teresa as well.
Theemeatloaf I thought Brenda was perfect for thomas. I felt like teresa was more of a sister to thomas.
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Jeffrey Or the ending was kind of ... well unexpected
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Ashley Shoda Yea... Brenda's character is my least favorite in the Maze Runner series. I never really supported Tomas and her getting together :l
Ayat Zaheer No, I pretty much detest her too!.. What I don't understand is that WHY Thomas and Teresa did not make it through!.. Lol I hated The Death Cure anyway. Waste of my time!
Yohana its because sge came in on the second book i disliked her cause thomas like her, and by then i disliked thomas
Meme why do you hate her, personally i really like her
Rylee I don't HATE her, but she's not my favorite. She was to clingy to Tommy. But I did hate Terresa. Terresa was just simply annoying and if I'm being honest I wish that Newt didn't die, some people will understand what I mean and some won't but that's okay.
But anyways, I was kinda happy when Terresa died... ;D
Squared Nope, I truly hate her. Thomas should've been with Teresa because she was actually loved him, would give up her life for him, would even let him hate her, just so he would be safe.
hattie No, you are not. My sister and I absolutely don't like her either. I think her character development was bad, and the whole "I likeeeee you," thing just isn't.... it. She has no flaws or special qualities. James Dashner just had her be "tough". But Teresa is tough in a quieter way, and she is a good, round character.
Sophie no i hate her. well i hate her even more now. brenda knew who thomas was before they met in the scorch. she met him before he ever went into the maze and never told him. she kept up with that lie for the rest of their lives and the whole time they were together and she knew about him and teresa and still got in the way.
Devon ummmm... i definetly like her more than teresa and i know that she was following orders and all but come on. i kinda hated her in scorch trials. i also think that brenda's reason for lying was better if not better explained by her.
Sophie Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with Teresa, but Brenda just snatches Thomas away from her. No, you're not the only one. Pretty much a page after Teresa died, a noble sacrifice, Brenda was cozying up to Thomas talking about breeding. I hate Thomas as well. I can imagine her with Minho, though. Snarky. Attractive. She lied to Thomas multiple times, but she was forgiven. What about Teresa? She died knowing Thomas still blamed her.
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Helena I do not hate Brenda, but I felt kinda mad at her because Teresa should be the one with Thomas, and Teresa cared for him and put him first, not saying that Brenda didn't, but I like Teresa way better.
Deven Arjun No i despise her and think that she should have saved Thomas and died and he and Teresa should have had the happy ending i HHHHHHAAAAATTTTTTTTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Brenda.
Una I don’t hate Brenda because of her personality, I just don’t like her because she isn’t Teresa. I really think Thomas and Teresa should be together, in the death cure Thomas kept saying that even though he didn’t want to, he still cared for Teresa. They went through so much together, and Thomas shouldn’t be so mad at her for being forced to do bad things by WICKED.
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Vyapti NO you are definitely not. I did NOT like her at all; she was so clingy and annoying. Thomas and Teresa all the way.
Alex yes she is a good friend
Piper I love Brenda so much. I sort of hate Teresa, and I like how straightforward she is. Actually, I don't like Thomas either. Minho and Brenda are my favorites.
Sydney Howard Nope. Teresa's known him since they were little. She only did what she did to save the world, which was very selfless of her. She decided to save the world now, make up with Thomas later. LOVE her for that.
Brenda sort-of seemed to pop up in the middle. Thomas already liked Teresa by that pint, and Brenda knew it. It seemed like she was trying to steal Thomas from Teresa in a way.
Harriet I used to hate Brenda and love Teresa until I read Fever Code. I can’t forgive Teresa but I still don’t really like Brenda
Reneenee NO! The Maze Runner is my absolute fave series. It is amazing but the only thing that really pissed me off was Brenda. She was so clingy and annoying, and getting pissed off when Thomas was thinking of Brenda instead of her even though SHE WASN’T EVEN WITH THOMAS. Like geez girl no need to go al touchy touchy when you see a guy you like. I think most people who dislike Teresa was because of the betrayal but can’t they see that she was doing it all for Thomas? Really I think Thomas is a jerk for liking Brenda and eventually choosing her over of Teresa, and not forgiving her even when she died for him. Honestly, I wished that guy in the Berg just shot Brenda or pushed her off the aircraft when he had the opportunity to.
Soren I hate herrrrrr
Meya o_O I don't like Brenda either. She keeps trying to steal Thomas from Teresa. Teresa and Thomas are the perfect couple Brenda should stop trying to get in the way.
zparkles No, I also hate her SO MUCH. I really can't stand her and her nasty behaviours.
Scott Saunders Yes yes you are ha ha
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Renee =) Nope I hate her to but I also absolutly hate Teresa as well (very glad that rock/piece of celing fell on her) Teresa is untrustworthy and Brendas clingy.So in my opinon Thomas should have got with Sonya or Harriet from group B.
Titir Thomas and Brenda! Ugh!!!
Never really liked him that much but he should've ended up with Teresa. Why Brenda??!!😭
Mae Anne
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Martha Nope. Thomas and Teresa should have been together! So upset Thomas and Brenda got together.

GaleEsVidaYEsAmor No. She is so rude and act starge. I shipp Thomas and Teresa, and Brenda is in the middle. I dont like her.
Julia I didn't like Brenda at all. But I don't like Teresa either...
Rebecca I don't full out hate her but Teresa is way better.
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Peter Deeks Probably not. The story is in our heads, not in the letters, so it's up to you.
Virginia Di Consoli I dont like her I dnt like Brenda! I think that Dashner didn't do a good job on femal characters all over the trilogy!!!They are inconsistent.....
Bayan i hate her too
i hate how thomas ended up with brenda
Becks Oh, well, I don't hate her. I don't really like her either. She is a bit..well, I prefer Teresa. Sorry humans.
Persassyizdabest I don't exactly hate her...but I don't think Teresa should have ended that way...or that they should at least have had a moment together. :/
nessa I don't hate her, I just don't like her.
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