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Why is it that the book gets 4 stars and yet all the reviews I can see are for 1 or 2 stars? Also, why all the hate? If you don't like a book, don't finish it. This book gives you over 700 hundred pages to stop reading, so either finish it and admit that something in it interested you, or stop reading. Taking someone down doesn't make you a better person.

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David This question is ridiculous. Goodreads averages ratings together for books this book that is the total average is a four.

As to why the front page is full negative reviews is because people have clicked the liked button on those reviews the most. I think the reason why people do that is because these negative reviews of this book are generally better at supporting their opinion than the positive ones do. Most of the time, people who leave five or four stars really don't give compelling reasons as to why they thought that way. Other times, people who don't bother probably don't want to write a whole review.

Reviewing someone's book negatively doesn't make someone a bad person. It just simply means they didn't like the book and wanted to discuss why they didn't like it.
Katie I think the rating is high because a lot of people who read and enjoy books don't think much about quality. Much the same reason series like Vampire Academy get high ratings. But the people who take time to review books look with a bit of a more critical eye. Eragon had a lot of critics anyway, and since Brisingr is almost universally recognized as being lower quality than Eragon and Eldest I think a lot of fans were upset with how disappointed they were. And we didn't hold back in our reviews.

Also, like Kay said, a lot of people kept reading because we want to know what happens next.
Andrew (Protector of the Tomes) I agree 100%. This book (and all the other books in the cycle) are extremely good and I cannot see why someone would give it only one or two stars.
Kay Personally, I finished it, yet only gave it 2 stars because I wanted to read it (and the rest of the Cycle), but it just didn't leave that great an impression on me. Brisingr wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It was okay. As for the other three books in the series, I loved Eragon, really liked Inheritance, and hated Eldest. But that's just me. I can't speak for everyone else.
Liz I opened the book out of curiosity, to see if Paolini's writing had improved at all. I spent several weeks in the hospital and to this day and still seeing four different therapists.
Hunter Wright You make a good point I just started and can't wait to how it goes and I also believe if one says that the book is bad but read the hole thing than something in the book was great. If one can't stop reading the book but say it's bad should just stop reading and pick up a new book. Hopefully those who don't like it can just shut up and keep there comments to themselves so the rest of us get enjoy the books.
Jared Moen I haven't read this book yet (i probably will because i liked eragon), but i do find this comment a bit ridiculous. Finishing a book doesn't mean the book is good. The real question is, why are there so many bad books with high ratings
Thomas I AGREE!!! Why read a book you don't like?! (Unless you're a kid and you're doing it for school, or your going to publish it. THAT I understand.)
alicia borden Borden This book was recommended to me from my brother. After reading it I truly believe some stories interest men more, some women, and some both. In this case I think I enjoy this book less simply because I'm female. This may not be true in all cases, and I may be completely wrong, but I have suggested several books I've fallen in love with that my brother cannot stand. We both love to read, and try to be open minded as much as possible, but we still have a very different taste.
I will continue on to the final book because this is not a bad story, but so far has not captured my interest enough to give it more than a couple stars.
Nathaniel I personally Love this book I just finished reading.
Amanda Sweden Part of a review is to explain whether or not you enjoyed the book. If there is a lot of "hate" then that tells a reader something about the book. I personally am bored with it and have been struggling to get on with it, but I don't believe in not finishing a book once it has started. Plus, sometimes an entire boo can bore you to tears, but the end is awesome! Knowingly Paolini,, I want to give the book the chance to wow me.
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