Susan asked:

I've heard this book is beautiful. Why then do I keep putting it down?

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Kayla I didn't think this book was beautiful. I thought it was slow, depressing and even when you think something good will happen, I guess it sort of does, but it's slow to come as well.
thebookhuntr #Susan Most beautiful books are like that. They take time to not only get into the story but the writing style. Most fast paced books have very fast writing that's straight forward making it easier to get attached but reading a beautiful book is a jewel in itself.
Connie Schuchard I too kept putting the book down. I found it quite depressing at times but a very thought provoking book in that I would think about what decision would I have made in the same situation. Who was right or wrong? What in the backgrounds of the characters caused them to make their decisions? I think the book is perfect for a good book club discussion.
Kelley I found the first two parts of the book extremely slow and almost DNF'd it. I only kept going because it was for bookclub. Isn't the first rule of bookclub: finish the book?
Taiyosan It is pretty intense and when, 2/3 of the way thru they ... well, i'm not going to post any spoilers and i think Stedman did a great job of keeping the excitement at a fever pitch. I love the descriptions of the surrounding land and sea and encourage you to continue. I read it in two big gulps and it was quite satisfying.
Maryallyn You keep putting it down because it's tripe, you sense that and also know that there are too many books to read to slog through one like this. Unless you have to - like for a book group.
Marcy I didn't mind the slowness; was enchanted by the lighthouse and island descriptions. But once I got to Part Two, I could not put it down, could not imagine where it was going....kept thinking, this cannot end well; but as someone else said, it comes to a not-bad and not-sentimental or unlikely conclusion. I loved it.
Kaitlyn You keep putting it down because the set up for the story takes too long. But Part Two starts on page 85, which is when it starts to pick back up, you're just going to have to make it to there.
Noreen Towey because it is long and drawn out and really not worth reading. I read it to the end hoping it would pick up but it was so predictable. The setting descriptions were too much and I was completely dissappointed with the whole thing. How there is a film made from it beggars belief!
Khaled Ahmed To me this book kept me hooked from the very beginning - aside from the Australian accent I failed to read the book with, it was a quick read that was hard to put down!
Karen It's slow to start with - and I kept putting it down as well. But then I got to the point where I couldn't put it down - and really enjoyed it.
Courtney Yes! Stick with it. I almost decided not to finish it either as the beginning was rather slow and boring. Once it picks up, it will hold your attention until the end. I enjoyed it.
Carissa Norris I wouldn't call it beautiful. Thought provoking maybe, but not beautiful. I liked the first two parts. The third part I felt dragged and I finally just pushed through to finish it.
Amanda Yan Press on! You'll retroactively like the beginning as you get into it.
Madysen Gailey The beginning is slow, yes, but A Tale of Two Cities? It's awful in the beginning. When you get into the book though, it's amazing. Millions of books are based upon that one book. I really love this book. It's beautiful. The writing is magnificent, and the theme. You have to deeply understand the beauty of pain.
M. I agree that the beginning is slow, but it helps establish the conditions of the setting and the character of the lighthouse keeper. While the exposition of the plot is slow, things speed up nicely toward the end. I was so caught up, I found it difficult to continue (for fear of what might happen) and yet couldn't wait to find out. The author could have made it super sweet, but the conclusion is true to life and realistic. It isn't a book for everyone, but I'm not sorry I stuck with it!
Beverly Schneider I absolutely hate it when a book starts out so slowly and I am torn between putting it away, or feeling guilty for doing that to yet another book, and forging ahead. I haven't read this book, but if it is as sad as folks here are saying, I think I'll take a pass on it. And sorry I didn't answer your question - just wanted to commiserate!
Kacey The pace picks up around 30-40%. Stick with it. However, don't expect much humor. The tone throughout doesn't change much.
Rebecca Reeder Readers might find themselves putting it down because it can be depressing. And not just because of one character but for several of them. However, this is a book that shows the consequences of decisions. It is not fantasy or rom-com. This could be a good book for book clubs because there are a lot of decisions to discuss.
Sara I thought it was beautiful, but not until about the 3rd part. I was having a hard time getting into it, but towards the end I could not put it down. I cried at the end.
Stef Rozitis This book to me is the antithesis of "beautiful". It keeps trying to force me to sympathise with the most selfish person in the book. It gaslights every other character in favour of this horrible child-stealing mama-monster. It also contains really regressive gender stereotypes.

"Beautiful" is defo not the word. Also I agree with you that even the parts that are not trauma-inducing bad are greeting-card boring.
Sean Ollett Because it is, for the most part, overblown and boring.
Miss Framboesa The book is too real...sometimes we can't deal with the reality
Maryallyn You keep putting it down because it's tripe, you sense that and also know that there are too many books to read to slog through one like this. Unless you have to - like for a book group.
Jane Peskara / Audrey Valentine Had the same problem, after the first pages I just thought, nope that book is not what I want to read, but forced myself to read it, i am weird with that, but when I buy a book I feel like I have to read it at least once. So yes, the whole thing is just boring at times, though the idea of the story promises so much more..........
Megan The beauty is in the setting, description and the slow unfolding of characters.
Ericka Yes! felt the same way then get past the first 4 chapters and it turns into a great interesting novel. You get hooked on the characters and start to put yourself in their place. At the end I couldn't stop crying and got weird looks from my husband!
Jenn I had to get the book on CD - it really grabbed my attention that way. You can try that.
Maureen Alfieri This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. Found myself picking it up then putting it down for a rest
Mieke Wharton I do the same thing; I know what is going to happen and I can't handle it.
Linda Frances I didn't find it beautiful at all, just boring and depressing.
Jane I listened to it on audio and felt that the characters came alive. It was very sad but I felt it expressed that period in history very well and what life was like for many people right after WWI.
Robert Day I can think of a variety of answers:
- You have something more interesting to read
- The book is too thick for the promised pay-off
- You don't want your heart to be broken (the blurb promises to break it)
- You watched the movie already and that's enough.
Your question is, though, impossible for anyone but you to answer. But you know that, right? I'm guessing that you really just want to know what other people think about the putabledownableness of the book.
Amy It definitely starts slow, but I think it makes it worth it when you've finished it!
Tina the first 100 pages...BORING...but there was some beautiful writing in it and such a heart-wrenching story. I ended up giving it a 3 1/2 and I'm glad I stuck with it.
MaryAlice I do not know that it is a beautiful story. We all have different tastes. If you kept putting it down, you did not develop any feelings for the main characters; did not care to know how their story ended.

It could also be that the author's style did not suit your reading tastes.

I was intrigued about living alone on an island; attracted to Lighthouses, thus enjoyed the technical details about both the lighthouse operation and the island. There were bits of the story that bored me, but I cared about Tom and Izzy, could feel their pain enough to bring tears to my eyes.
Jamie I just finished the book and thought it was good. Good debut novel for the author.
Dan Seattle The book's story is simple, it builds the narrative arc in the second part of the book, and it crescendos towards the end when the author can take has the option to pick the fault of the books actions. And the author does not have a problem in picking the direction to make from the book depressing and to be judgmental about it. There are other better books...
Ellen I do not know if you have gotten through to part where all of the characters interact. At that point the story takes on a life of it's own that becomes so emotional and complex, I don't believe you will be able to stop yourself. It is very hard to predict how everything will unravel and how everyone can live with themselves. It is a story that I will not soon forget.
Tara Scilluffo story picks up half way through, once I hit that midway point I couldn't put it down.
Josie Because it's slow! Keep good night, it's worth it!
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