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Do really negative reviews encourage YOU to try something you might not have bothered with otherwise?

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Aussiescribbler Aussiescribbler It would depend on the nature of the negative review. If the reviewer was offended by the content then it might. If they said it was boring or poorly written probably not.
Ian Kirkpatrick Negative reviews on their own have no power of persuasion to me. I do tent to look at 1 and 2 star reviews FIRST to decide if I want to read a book, especially books that average high scores. What I look for in the 1-2 star reviews is details about the book, character, plot, themes, etc. Usually negative reviews will be much more specific about what DIDN'T work and it'll tell me about the craft. Sometimes books can be brigaded because of the content, but you can tell when a review is negative because of subject, content, or author and not because of its writing.

Usually positive reviews don't give as much detail in how the work is written and so I mostly ignore those -- aside from reviewing the summaries people write in their own words.
Sean Bai Not necessarily. I just wrote my first book and I got a variety of ratings and reviews. Some people liked it and some hated it.

The first book you write will always be the most difficult. You'll grow as a writer.

I have almost finished writing my second book while my first book is selling. But I waited until I got some good feedback on my developmental/line editor (the two major types of editing, which doesn't include proofreading) before I started on my second book.

In writing my first book I learned that my characters came across as immature in my attempts to write them humorously. Two of the jokers also sounded too similar, so I changed it up a little to make their sense of humor more unique and separate from each other.

I also got feedback that my characters needed more development. That's what developmental editing is, by the way. It addresses weaknesses in plot and character.

Line editing improves your prose and gives your writing more variation.

It's very hard to write unique characters, especially as a younger author. It's also very hard to write characters that are different from yourself. Varying sentences is also difficult because we tend to think along similar lines from day to day.

I am a creative writer. I try to write things you've never heard of before. The aliens I write in my sci-fi series don't need to make sense, because aliens will not always make sense to humans. They don't need to be likeable. But someone will always find fault with your writing.

Negative reviews don't encourage me to try anything else because I'm already trying the hardest I can. I did seven rounds of editing (last round was proofreading). At some point we have to move on and realize our work will not be perfect. Nor will it be everyone's cup of tea. Otherwise we will spend forever obsessing about book one and never write any more books.
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