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Is this a Christian Book?

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Sarah Renee Jones Absolutely, yes. If you read the series in chronological order you will see that it mirrors the Bible from cover to cover. With the first book, The Magician's Nephew telling how Narnia was created (including a forbidden fruit, in a special garden) all the way to the last book, The Last Battle, which reflects Revelation in the Bible! :)
Aaron Toponce No. This isn't a Christian book. It's a fantasy book. Yes, Lewis is a Christian, and some of his Christian beliefs fall out in his stories, but I would not classify this is a "Christian book".
David Hall Yes and can enjoy it as pure fantasy adventure and of course CS Lewis was a renowned Christian theologist. I read these books as a child ,again and again but I didnt realise that there was anything 'Christian' about them until I was into my twenties ......even the Illustrator of the books Pauline Baynes didnt guess till later ! I suppose some people will say its obvious but i disagree .Anyway, enjoy......its my favourite of the whole series!!!
Cheyenne Absolutely yes. I did not pick up on the religious themes as a child, but rereading these again in my 20's, it's very obvious (they come very very close in one of them to just straight out saying Aslan is God, to the point where I would call it canonically a part of the character and not just a subtle literary allusion). As a non-Christian myself, I still enjoy the story, but even without being raised in a religious environment or having read the Bible, I think the connection is very straightforward.
Cecilia It is not a Christian book. However, Alsan does relate to God, as do many other things relate to the Bible in this book. But, it's certainly NOT a Christian book.
Agnik Kind off, you could find Christian beliefs etc if you read in between lines
Hannah Yes - it's by C.S. Lewis, in the Chronicles of Narnia series. We love it! :)
Brandon For me, yes. The chapter "The Unwelcome Fellow Traveler" resonated, especially the three answers given to the question, "Who are you?" (165).

Asked another way, was this novel of the John-10:4 or John-10:5 sort? For me, John 10:4.
Sameer well c.s lewis was a Cristian so I gess so
Butler this is the 2nd book. i know this because i read the 2nd book. on other stuff it says that it is the 3rd book but it is the 2nd book
Ray My reading group discussed this at length. If you were raised in a Christian home I think you will see OBVIOUS religious themes (but few if any direct references). If you weren't - raised in a... - it seems most of it just goes over your head and isn't obvious at all! :) I was surprised at my fellow readers who just didn't see it.
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