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How similar is the book to the movie?

Melanie They are fairly different from each other. While they maintained most of the basic storyline, they changed quite a lot (too much, if you ask me) in the film adaption. For example, Patricia Neal's snore of a character never existed in the book. Paul was a much more likable character in the book and lived a very different lifestyle as a poor writer living in a tiny apartment. Holly and Paul's relationship was more one-sided in the book, and for that reason, more realistic. In my opinion, the book is much better, while the film is just okay.
Tim The movie is Hollywood-ified and turned into a rather boring run-of-the-mill romantic fairy tale. The book is just so much more interesting, so very compelling. The movie misses the point and tone entirely and is frankly quite dull.
da AL Thank goodness, no - book is infinitely (no exaggeration) better!
Tashia Sorry to be the party pooper ,but if you're Asian American you wouldn't like this film it's a moronic, grotesque, stereotype of people of the Asian race.
Claire I agree with Melanie. The book and the movie are pretty different, even though they kept the main storyline. But I do like the movie which, thanks to some modifications, is more complex than the book. I also prefer Paul in the movie, for my part I believe he's more realist than in the book.
In the same time, I regret the Holly of the movie : she's such a fascinating character in the book and such a naïve girl in the movie, even though I love Audrey Hepburn.
Both are poetic and beautiful but in different way. For me they're both need to see and read, because it's really not the same story.
Laurean Wilson Reynolds After many years I saw the movie again, I watched it last night-- it's a bust compared to the book. Hollywood, as usual, ruined it: Mickey Rooney was silly, George Peppard was too clean & uptight, Patricia Neal didn't belong. The only emotion I felt was Buddy Ebsen's Doc. The story was sanitized and made into a rom-com. Audrey-- well, she is always heavenly, but she had no real bite as Holly did. The book is set in 1943. The movie, in 1960s-- come on! An independent film remake needed, true to the book. Truth for Truman!
Kay Bischof The book and the movie have many alikes and many differences...and I love them both!
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