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Can fans of Karen's writing style and her series just trust her enough to complete the series? Seeing everyone complain so much is exhausting. If the books are really so disappointing to you at this point why not try another series? I get wanting to speculate and have theories but the negative nancys are ruining groups and message boards for the rest of us.

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Fresiako I think people should be able to express their opinions about a series even if they are negative Hazelwileyed. The reason so many people are expressing their disappointment is because they feel so strongly and are obviously heavily invested in the direction the Fever series is going. Everyone will have their differing opinions, good or bad that's fine, aren't books supposed to inspire people to talk about them either way. I don't think it's good form to call anyone with a differing opinion to yours a hater or someone who's just whining. You're sort of belittling people and dismissing their views by doing that. Negative reviews aren't bad. And aren't personally attacking KMM. People are allowed to honestly express whether they are disappointed in a book.
Edvard If you're exhausted by all the complaints on here, try another discussion board that is positive-reviews exclusive. There has always been a plethora of opinions surrounding books on here, if you cannot handle the negative ones, simply ignore them or don't use Goodreads altogether.
Marshmello23 The way I feel is - If I don't like a book, I'm going to say I don't like a book. I'm going to say why I don't like it and what didn't work for me and what I felt fell flat or disappointed me or didn't make sense. This is not a complaint. This is not me whining. This is not a personal attack on the author. It's just my opinion, my critique, and I'm entitled to share it with those who agree and those who don't. I'm allowed to discuss it. This doesn't make me a "hater". I don't hate KMM or think I have the authority to tell her what to do with her own book. It just means I didn't like her book. I didn't like her choices. They are her choices to make, this is her series, but I just didn't like them.

The mentality that because I (as well as others) expressed a negative review means I'm not a true fan or I should just "shut up, stop complaining or read something else" is ridiculous. I might just do that if I don't end up liking "Feverborn" - I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt even after the extreme let down that was ""Burned" IMO. But mostly everyone I've talked to who holds the same opinion as me about "Burned", is a major Fan of KMM and has followed the entire fever series. We just didn't like "Burned" for whatever our reason - and there are many.

Now we know why KMM took the route she did as she's clarified it. I don't feel sorry that she had to do that because it needed to be said. A lot of change happened between the release of "Iced" (as the Dani trilogy) and what "Burned" ended up being. A lot of people were extremely upset and disappointed and very vocal about it, when KMM wrote "Iced" to begin with (and are probably now the ones telling those upset about "Burned" to stop complaining lol). We started going in one direction (with the dani series) and ended up kind of making a U-turn - what were we supposed to think? We didn't Know what to think. I'm glad it's clarified now and we know there was no outside pressure on KMM (from fans or publishers) that factored in. It still doesn't change how I feel about the book - which I think is the weakest of the series and poorly executed. It did make me worry about the future of the series and caused my interest to diminish. After reading "Iced" I was super excited about the next book. I don't feel any of that excitement for the next installment but I'm willing to give it a chance in hopes it is an improvement...

It is her book and she can write it however she wants (I'm thankful she wrote it at all despite my opinion of "Burned" as it is otherwise a great series I've enjoyed over the years) - remember though that there are going to be people that don't love it. And thats ok. And they are allowed to voice that in a review or discussion - just as much as the people that do (love it). That's the whole purpose of goodreads and book reviews in general.

Edited to add: how are negative Nancy's ruining your message group experience? Ignore the posts that you don't agree with or respectfully debate them with your own opinion. Or try to find a group where only positive opinions are expressed and everyone is completely on the same page about everything. I think you'll find that pretty impossible as there are always going to be people who see things differently than you and they have just as much right to be on that message board talking about it. I would hope they're doing it in a respectful way though.
Sarah ♥ dog crazy ♥ "I'll continue to say it about all the whiners as well. Give me the name our your NYT bestsellers and I'll get back to you on the way I feel about your published work."

LMFAO! This tells me everything about you.

I don't need to be a writer myself to be allowed to criticize authors/books. I don't need to be a politician to be allowed to have negative opinions about certain politics.

If you adore KMM's work, fine. But I and everyone else can hate it or be disappointed with it as much as we want. If you can't deal with differing opinions, don't use the internet!

KMM is ruining her series by turning it into PNR where all awesome males get turned into pussy-whipped saps.
Liza Jane Or Karen shared what she thought as a writer she would be doing at the time and then changed her mind. Again if so many people hate Burned stop reading the series. It seems either way someone was bitching so either enjoy the read or move on.

It boggles my mind that so many people think to review a book that hasn't even been published for the public yet.

I strongly disagree the Burned was the weakest book yet. I think each book has moved along accordingly. The series began with Mac and will end with Mac and crew as it should. Dani is a great character and a strong co-lead in the books but ultimately the series wasn't about her. I think her character became relate-able to many people so KMM tried to write a story just about Dani. I really enjoyed ICED but missed what was going on with the rest of Dublin because Dani had a teenager mentality when it came to what she cared about which is nice but in small doses. I don't think these books were ever intended to be read by teenager since they aren't YA so why would KMM continue to write in that manner? And how do you know the next two books won't have more of Dani's POV? Nobody really knows but they never hesitate to to whine and bitch.

I'll continue to say it about all the whiners as well. Give me the name our your NYT bestsellers and I'll get back to you on the way I feel about your published work.
Sara I agree with you. First everyone bitched about Iced being from Dani's POV. When Karen announced that Burned will be from Mac's POV, you would think that everyone will be happy. WRONG. Everyone is bitching again. Now they want Dani back. Some people just don't know when to shut up.
Miranda Hofmann I agree, there's a difference between being disappointed and leaving a negative review and being disappointed commenting on everything of the authors telling them how to write THEIR stories because its how YOU want it to go. Also giving poor reviews before the book is even out is so crappy and immature.
Katie I so agree with you! I really enjoyed the book, it's not perfect & it's not my favourite but some of the comments are way over the top & are pretty silly actually, it's like being in high school again. In saying that, I've seen some great negative reviews & comments on threads, where the posters had obviously read the book thoroughly & they make good points about what they didn't like & back it up with well written reasons.

I also agree about Dani. I’m not a fan of Fever Dani but I did like her in Iced. And to be honest, 14 year old Dani doesn’t belong as a main protagonist in the Fever series. Some people felt there was a pedo element to her relationships with the men in Iced, while others didn’t. Regardless of what camp you were in, Dani is a YA character that got dropped as a main into an Adult genre - one or the other had to change. Even without all the drama over her age in Iced, if KMM’s intention was always to have Dani become a main in this series, or even her own offshoot series with the same secondary characters, she would have had to grow her up fast at some point. And, as the timeline of each book spans only weeks/months, it would have taken a dozen books to get her there without doing it the way she did.

A lot of people seem to want an intense romance to blossom between Dani & Ryodan & were hoping for a lot to happen between them in Burned. Nothing wrong with wanting them together like that (at her new age), but it would have been weird to have her come out of the silvers & them be together straight away (not to mention it would have been out of character of Dani). Their relationship needs time to develop; it’s got to be slow burn to make it believable. These aren’t romance novels. It would have been a terrible injustice to the series if that pairing just flourished into an instant romance.
Aja I'm not complaining, I liked all of the books. I will admit I was disappointed when I realized that Iced was all about Dani but, after I read it, it easily became my favorite in the entire series. I like Dani's character and I don't agree with someone's comment below that she didn't belong in an adult series.
Keltie It's Karen's series, and her choice the way the series goes. If you don't like the way the series is going, don't read. Your choice. I would personally love to not have to see a complaint every time I am on Facebook or Goodreads, or Karen's website.
Karelle Sen I totally understand you LizaJane Chronicles. I really love the series, no the last book wasn't all that but you can tell it was a build up and this one will be great so guys stop complaining and enjoy where the story takes us it's a bit of a rid yes, but I bet you all it will be worth it. Not saying you can't have your opinions but lets trust her she's done so well so far.
Angie We do need to give the author's our honest opinion, yet we also need to let them write their story. If we have a different story, then we should write our own! So while I don't like calling someone a whiner or hater because they expressed their honest opinion which happens to be negative (that is what Goodreads is all about), I also think it is OK to let the writer tell her story and trust him/her to do so, especially if we have already come this far being satisfied. I was quite turned off by Dani's character at first. In fact, she grated on my and I decided I would not read the Dani trilogy, having thoroughly enjoyed the Fever series up to that point, I considered just letting it rest. Then the library was advertising it had the digital copies available to borrow and I bit the bullet and read both Burned and Iced on the same weekend! I still did not care for Dani's point of view. Her speech and attitude were just annoying to me. I wanted more of Barrons and Mac, but there were so many other characters being developed, and I hung in there. I am so glad that I did, because I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion. Even with the odd turn of events with Dani/Jada, I think it will be a fun ride that KMM takes me on in the next book and I am keeping an open mind about it. Like any series, some of the books are better than the others. I was a huge fan of Dark Protectors (Zanetti) and a couple of the books were just "meh" for me, but I kept reading because as a whole it was an awesome story. I'm ok with honest feedback, and even *some* complaining, but don't try to tell an author how to write their own story! Keep an open mind and see where it takes you--this is the joy of fiction!
Valerie Yes, we can trust her to complete the series. This series went in a direction I did not expect, and I like it. I have liked the first couple of books in other series....and when I stopped liking those books (mostly repetitive storylines), I wrote the nonflattering reviews, keeping it to WHY the series did not float my boat. May float yours, but not mine. Now here, this series is utterly fantastic. I love where it goes, the difficult scenes as well as the heartwarming, I love that there is conclusions to some of the conflict, and I cannot wait for BURNED. This is the series where I take a day off if the book is published during a weekday, so I can read the book in one day.
Jodie Oh I so agree! I am a huge fan of KMM and I will stand loyal to her no matter what.
Many of us have spend 30$ on each book (30x8=240$) and you think we cant even say what we think about it?
We devoured the first 5 books for a reason. we got attached to the Fever World and now we have to swallow this shitfest of pedobears and leather pants, Mac's endless monologues of repeated stories and we cant.

Dont want critiques, dont write a book.
Chelcie So a site to review books is only supposed to have positive reviews? Does it also mean everyone shouldn't rate a book unless they plan to give 3 or more stars? Seems to me you should just not read reviews of books or authors you like unless they are 4 or 5 stars if you don't want to see negative comments.
♠️♥️Amy♦️♣️ I am with you. I really love this series, I also fell in love with this series because of Mac and Barrons. I am really glad that KMM has gone back to what worked so well the first 5 books. Dani was good in short bursts but iced was a bit hard to read for me but if KMM wanted the rest of the books in her opinion then that is what I would read, I just hope not lol. Love for Mac because I don't see it a lot.
Nancy A I think using the phase "negative nancy" is inappropriate. Can you pick on another name please, perhaps your own. Oh and BTW, human nature. If you can't stand it, don't read it.
Paganalexandria Nope, can't do it, #SorryNotSorry
Teresa Lopez I agree. It's not only this series where other readers have done. I've gotten to the point where I don't even look at reviews because there all negative.

Because I'm listening to auto, the only thing I don't like is the reader for the males. Especially, since I'm so use to the other guy. His voice was deeper and more like the 9.
N^°^ People can complain whenever the hell they want. KMM does whatever the hell she wants to, whether you guys are with her or not. She doesn't write to please; she writes to tell her story.

People hated the series when it first started. And now they love it. Who knows? Maybe it'll be like that again.
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