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is this a romance? or is it a sub-plot

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Riley Here is a response that I have now used for two other people who asked similar questions. Before I copy and paste it from my answer, I should inform you that, where there may be minimal romantically physical contact within the first book, it certainly builds throughout the series (in case that's a problem for you). The actual "deed" (sex) hasn't been done yet between any of the characters (and I've read (and loved) all the books published thus far), HOWEVER, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if it happened in the future, and almost expect it if I'm being honest. With the complicated romantic relationships, abuse, and language, if you're concerned about the rating I'd definitely say I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 13, unless they were VERY mature for their age. If you aren't concerned about the rating, and truly just wish to know the genre, I suppose you can disregard everything I just said and just read the following:

" I'm not sure if this is technically classified as it's own 'genre', but I can tell you for certain that either way this series is "Reverse Harem," which essentially means that there is one girl and multiple guys who are all attracted to, in love with, or care deeply about that one girl in some way, shape or form.

Hope this helped. I did a lot of research into this 'genre,' since The Ghost Bird series has officially peeked my interest of it. What can I say? I'm a curious creature. I've fallen in love with the entire dynamic of it and the way C. L. Stone pulls it off. If you haven't already, I definitely recommend reading the entire series. If you have, and are looking for a similar novel, I think 'Finding My Pack' by Lane Whitt is the closest example. Although there is a cliffhanger and, personally, I don't believe it's as good as The Ghost Bird series... Then again, I'm starting to believe that, for this genre at least, that simply isn't possible. Hats off to C. L. Stone for pulling off such a masterpiece of a novel! :)"
Jessy its teen, love, and romance on the actual rating however it dosent display anything to intimate. the most intimate thing is a hug
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