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Doesn't anyone who has seriously studied spirituality, not New Age channeled fantasy, realize that this author doesn't know what she is talking about? Are we to believe that her low life drug dealing brother has no karma, and is now merged with the universe and also united with the Goddess--and at the same time visiting the author in New York to give long, detailed messages? Sorry, it doesn't work that way.

Tricia Barker With all humility, I must answer this question. I am an NDEer and one with a verifiable detail. My story has been on the BioChannel and in National Geographic. At the time of my death, I was in great pain, lost, and trying to get my life back together my last year of college. On my way to run the Austin 10K, I was in a car wreck and died on the operating table. Though I was mired in a life of drugs and alcohol, the light had complete compassion and love for me. I had never and still have never experienced love like that. All harm that I caused myself was washed away instantly, and I was shown that love is all that matters...the good we do on this earth plane is all that matters. I was shown that I missed out on the beauty of getting to know others around me because of my shyness and sadness. I saw that disappointing others was unfortunate. I did not harm others, but I got the sense that I would have had to live and merge with their experiences and see my part in the story. If anything...that seems to be our karma...to see and feel experiences from the perspective of others once we leave this body. There's more to my experience, but that is my response. The book rings true to me. I communicate with my father now that he has passed over. Sometimes, the communications are layered with memories and feelings. As a writer, I can expand on these communictions to help others understand what they mean to me. I think that is what the author is doing when she relays her communications. I have had similar communications with my father about the differences between death and staying on the other side verses what I experienced during my NDE. Here's my post/book reivew. Earlier posts on my blog discuss my NDE. https://triciabarkernde.com/2016/08/1...
Kim Well, I'm glad that SOMEONE knows how everything works. That's settled!
Trish Manzi We really don't know. I think. But arrogance and rudeness doesn't help.
Dottie Joe It amazes me that people are so superior they have all the answers, well until you die and come back to life remembering, I doubt your perspective.........if this is one individual's experience you can choose to agree or deny or hope....it was a beautiful book of one's personal experience.....who am I to judge..
Stacy Suniga How would you know, if you've never died? Please take your mind out of its box.
Paulette How do you know? I mean really know?
Suzanne Booth In response, I'm with Edonai El on this. I am well studied in spirituality & when we incarnate to Earth, a part of our soul stays behind close to Source & another part may have to reincarnate. It's not as "cut and dried" as the human consciousness thinks it is. So-called "human logic" has no part to play in the real workings of the universe.
Edonai El while i agree with you, in theory, i ask you to consider this possibility. since, with what we know about the workings of the universe, a soul, or essence, has to incarnate again if it has accumalated Karma. but, what if a small portion of that soul hangs around close to Source, while another portion of it reincarnates? i know, there's no evidence of this, but would you agree that it's a possibility, that we can never really know anything for sure? your final statement could be amended to "sorry, it desn't work like that, as far as i'm currently aware". of course, you might prefer to stick with your original assertion. if so, all well and good :)
Melanie Greene I read the book because after my brother tragically died in a car crash, he came back to let us know he was "ok" in some pretty amazing ways. I could write my own book (and maybe will one day), but I must admit that the detailed, ongoing conversations described by Annie Kagan seemed far-fetched and hard to believe at times. But, there were some similarities to what I experienced which helped her credibility for me. My brother made his presence known for the first few weeks & months after he died. That was when the signs were most intense. I would say he walked between both worlds at that time, but he has since moved into the light and only makes himself known in more subtle ways now. If all that Annie has written is true, she is very lucky indeed.
Rebecca Hatton I don't think anyone living knows how it works. I found the book to be loving and inspirational.
Peter Shasta Some people have taken offense at the above statement, saying such things like "Until you have died you don't know." Well, I have died and come back into my body, so I do have some perspective. In addition, I mentioned that people "who...seriously studied spirituality," not dabblers in fantasy. It is well known that souls who have departed the physical body can drift around for a while and "give messages," which I have also witnessed personally. However, if the soul wishes to progress in its evolution it leaves the earth and moves to a higher octave. Someone who has serious emotional and ethical problems, as does the character in this book, is not granted instant enlightenment and the fulfillment of all earthly desires simply by dying. In addition, we are to believe that while in this earthly and celestial paradise this soul is able to give long, detailed messages to someone still on earth? You can believe whatever you want, but this book flies in the face of all true spiritual teachings.
Liz Maybe being a low life drug dealer was the end of his karma. But since YOU have seriously studied spirituality, you must know it all, hey?
Lynda Peter, you do not know how it works - on so many different levels. Trust me on this.
Damain Ramsajan You thinking that you can do the job of whatever mechanism the universe uses to judge an individual's energy is in itself negative. The title of drug dealer is negative according to society, that doesn't mean it is the criteria used to judge a human soul. The most kind hearted and amazing human being i've ever known was a drug dealer, i've never touched that life and I consider him to be a much better human being than me and strive to be more like him every day. It's not your job to judge people because you can never have all the information, even thinking that you can do this makes you an a$$
Janet Salvio-Littlejohn If you are a true follower of spiritual growth you will know each of us has a path and we do not nor can we tell someone their experience is not accurate or true.

Annie Kagan wrote of her and her brother's experiences and thankfully wrote it down verbatim.
Kate I am just copying and pasting my comment here from 3 years ago:

Sorry, but that sounds like a load of tosh and a kind of spiritual 'hierarchy'. A lot of wannabe gurus thinking they know the answer. None of us do. None of us is more of an authority than anyone else. I avoid like the plague people who say they are 'well-versed in spirituality' That is just ego, sorry to disillusion you. You may be right, Billy Fingers may be wrong, but your derogatory remarks abut 'a low life drug addict' make me lose faith in anything you have to say. His message seems to be non-judgemental, you seem totally judgemental. For me, someone who is spiritually enlightened wouldn't be so quick to judge.
Soroya Maxineand The spiritual realms teach me directly and they have assured me that these words are of her brother and in his terms he is expressing what is what. The personality and intellect of a person does not change once he or she travels onwards for it's soul to continue it's journey, until it's next incarnation.

I too had the same thoughts of 'no karmic reaction' but I have been advised that this is the last time for many souls to incarnate on our Earth as we know it, due to the changes within the dimensional frequencies and therefore souls who have karma will be introduced to another planet with the same frequency as Earth as it was in it' s third dimensional state of Being to be given lessons again to learn what was not learnt in the last or past lifetimes.

And spirits will do whatever it takes to communicate with loved ones ...
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