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Hi Lyn, I was just curious will you be continuing the Claimings series? if yes any idea how many you plan? Love Ondry and Liam! :) Thanks Sandi

Lyn Gala I'm going to be honest and say I've been ignoring this question because I don't know how to answer it. Do I have other ideas? Oh yeah. Every story I write has a whole universe settled in my head. Some of them aren't that interesting, but I know about Charleston's first case as a private investigator after the end of Gathering Storm, and I know how William's brother is going to fuss when he figures out that Dallin is William's significant other, and not just a "bit on the side" like he thought.

But that doesn't mean that the stories are interesting enough or strong enough for me to figure out how to get them on paper.

Liam and Ondry have a lot more adventures--learning to trade from the ship, interacting with humans, interacting with Imshee who are far stranger than anything humans have seen before. Ondry has to grow into his status, and then there are the Rownt stories that don't center on Liam and Ondry. Not all Rownt develop that devotion to the temple and children that counterbalances their colder instincts, and there's the story of a Rownt outcast (who is very happy being outcast and not having to deal with status expectations) and the human sociologist/xenopsychologist who comes to study him. And young Aven travels to earth colonies with Ondry and Liam, and he is desperate to find any human paletia and protect them. (He has a slight man-crush on Ondry in that he wants to grow up and be just like him).

So I wish I had an answer, but I think this is a really long-winded way of saying that I have no clue. None. Zero.


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