Candace asked Carol Goodman:

I absolutely love your Blythewood series and I hope it never ends. :) I love fantasy books and any book that has to do with the Fey and Blythewood is the best one that I have ever read. But my question is: ( this may sound childish but im being for real )Do you believe in the Fey or the faerie world? Do you think that it might possibly be real? When I read your books I hope that its real. :) Thank you.

Carol Goodman Thank you so much for your kind words, Candace. You ask a hard question and one I take seriously. I've been thinking about how to answer and I think the best I can do is to use something Wren says in the third book (I've removed spoilers!):
"What you may not know is how the fairies contribute to this world. The beauty they bring to the flowers in spring, the rainbows they cast, the dew they weave into the grasses at dawn, the soft spring breezes they blow when winter seems dreariest … Have you ever felt oppressed by grief and worry? So weighed down by fear for someone you love—a son, a daughter, a lover, a friend—that you could barely lift your eyes up off the ground? And then, just when you felt there was no hope, a soft breeze touches your face, carrying with it the smell and feel of spring, and you lift up your face to welcome the air’s touch and somehow your burden is lightened. You know all is not lost. You resolve to makes things better. You have hope. Well, that spring breeze in winter is the gift of the fey. Elf-kissed, we call it. They bring hope where there is none. They bring beauty in the midst of sadness. Without the fey, your world would be a bleak place."
So while I've never seen a lampsprite or a trow, I have felt that spring breeze in winter and been lifted by it and I believe that it's something very old which we don't fully understand.

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