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Has Mr. Pinter considered that when a person values himself, he finds worth in others? Also that when a person thinks before he reacts, violence decreases. I don't have stats on this, just generations of mothers talking to other mothers.

Palmyrah The name is Pinker, Ma'am.
Patrick Horgan Yes, and in so much detail, exploring every nuance. It is an amazing book. I am still reading it, and it isn't a quick read, but wow! Really enjoying it. It is broadening my world view, what's better than that? I already knew that we are living in a historically peaceful age. We don't have people in gibbets or enslaved or killed arbitrarily by their masters in most of the world. Things that used to be common everywhere are illegal most places. He covers it in such detail though.
Berry Muhl He actually does consider this, in his mention of what is called the "escalator of reason." Part of the point of the book is to demonstrate *why* people are more amenable to reason, to "thinking before reacting," than they used to be.
Thomas Keller I think Pinker's fondness of the Enlightenment has to be contrasted with David Bentley Hart' Atheist Delusions. Contrary to Pinker, who is a reporter on these topics, Hart is a scholar in the original literature and epoch of early Christianity. He has read the primary sources and comes to very different conclusions than what Pinker's writings might suggest.
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by Steven Pinker (Goodreads Author)
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