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When Ron, harry and hermoine were at hagrid's place during bugbeak's execution, the future selves of harry and hermoine should've also present at that scene. Now since Remus was spectating all this on the Marauder's map, how come did he not observe two sightings of both harry and hermoine on the map?

De Wet Time travelling is always tricky to handle. For me it was perhaps the weakest spot in the book, but in an otherwise cracking read like this I'm happy to just let things go without over analyzing them. Not much point spoiling my enjoyment of a book by trying to do science and logic on fictional magic.
Emily Who says he didn't? Remus is pretty tight-lipped; after all, he took forever to mention to Harry that he had been best friends with James. Perhaps he did see and either deduced what happened or decided it shouldn't be brought up.
Maivy Le Well, the Marauder's Map only shows the people INSIDE the castle, not outside the castle. So even if the map did show people from the future, then Lupin never would have seen future Harry and Hermione because they were never in the castle during that time.
Brandon Young Perhaps the map wasn't designed to register the presence of two separate sets of the same person, time travel could be a relatively recent development in magic
Hannah I think that Remus was quite clever when it came to stuff like that. He may have noticed and either: a). figured out what was going on and did not question Harry about it. b). saw them on the map, but didn't care enough to investigate. or c). He saw them, but he was too caught up in the situation to actually pay enough attention to something like that. And there are a multitude of other possibilities, but like De Wet said, there's probably not much point in contemplating it further. :)
Abhimaan Hettigoda Nice work on spotting a legit plot-hole.
Emma Complicated map created by four immature kids in their early teens? Probably are some sort of bug there.
Vibha I don't think he was using the map at the time. Maybe?
Xenophon Westie They were out of the castle at the time, and the Marauders Map only shows the castle.
Lily Maybe he just didn't notice.
ぎゆう Marauder’s Map shows only real-time positions on places. The presence of future-selves is ghosted on the map otherwise it’ll be populated by multiple future-selves of many different people - thereby making the map absolutely useless. In other words, the future-selves of his observed-subjects could be visible to the future-observer Remus, if he’d also time-travelled like them.
* a theory to preserve spacetime continuum
Noam Bader Probably because they didn't add a charm to detect people from the future. I'm wondering that myself.
Ps_Inside Interesting!...I never had been thought-out about that
Max i reckon he did see them but he probably just dident tell
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Chin Chin Whether he actually saw the future them on the map or not, Im definitely sure he knows what they did and went back in time. Because he mentioned to Harry and praised his patronous which he used to save himself. And also dumbledore did tell Remus about what happened "last night " and knows Sirius escaped with beaky.
Santiago Arizti I was also thinking, it is a missed opportunity to have shown someone misteriously twice in the map, for example perhaps Harry noticing Hermione twice and he wouldn't've been able to figure out why
Anika Kumar I think that this is because either Lupin didn't say anything about seeing them, or the marauder's map only shows the person in 1 place at one time.
Moegir198 I assume that once Remus saw one spot with Harry’s name he would not keep looking around for a second one. So he focused on the first Harry Potter spot in the map that he could find.
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