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I don't know if I should give this book a try. some people say it's amazing, others say that the relationships in this book are sick (rape, abuse, and the girl would still be in love with the dude? cheating and so on) is it true? I don't like erotica, at all, it just bugs me I hate it in a book, does this book contain any? if so, how much? thank you for answering my question :)

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Shara This book is very hard to define it is an time-traveling adventure story with great historical detail but overall it is an intense love story NOT a romance.

Every thing in this book has meaning and builds the relationship with these characters. There are instances of rape but that is a real element in this world so it must be addressed. If you are open minded the story is the opposite of traditional romances it turns all the cliches of heroine and hero upside down. No it is not erotica there is no gratuitous sex the sex scenes are part of the exposition and like a dialogue between the characters it is very interesting how it is handled.

Calling their relationship abusive is an extreme exaggeration of the situation in my opinion. The lead male is one of the most emotionally developed male characters I have ever read. The relationship between the leads must be put into context. As a modern woman I am impressed with how Claire handles the very archaic ways men treated women then and how she maneuvers in that world to survive.
Wendy There is sex. There is some abuse (though not really rape, and especially not between the two main characters)- you must keep in mind that this book is historical fiction. So everything is written in that context; it would be an incorrect book if it described the society with the ideals we hold today. Back then, men had more power. Women were abused often. That is sadly just the truth.
I never felt like the abusive elements in the books were treated as if it were acceptable. Claire herself is a strong, modern woman.

I feel like the people who say it is sick look at it as a romance (and want it to match the modern ideals), while the people who say it is great look at it as a historical story.Of course there is nothing wrong with loving the modern ideals (I do too!) but then they really shouldn't read realistic historical fiction.
Ashley It felt more like a trashy romance novel to me disguised as "historical fiction" rather than actually a worthy novel of good plotline and twists. It was REALLY predictable and the relationships are about how you said, they mention "assault" often, one time she actually says no and he continues anyway. it's good to keep in mind this is still the 18th century and women were treated with less respect than in modern society. So i felt their relationship was immensely unhealthy; abuse, punishment and practically forced sex is not's lust and infidelity to boot. The fact that so many are swooning on these characters is sickening. It just wasn't my cup of tea and I love adventure books but definitely not this one...
Tiffany Yeah, the male character does not rape her and is in fact very emotionally developed as a character. Indeed they are two very evenly matched individuals. He does spank her after she does something that gets everyone in danger, but ultimately she takes back that power as well even though spanking her would have been a part of that time. The main characters are often in traumatic situations though so if that isn't your thing, skip this book.
Chelsea Ginn The main character Jamie does not rape the lead lady. Actually the tables are turned the other way and they both have to rescue each other its a very good book. And if people continued reading the series they would find truly developed characters and a wonderful love stiry .
Lora Swafford There is sex in this book. But it's not erotica whatsoever. In my opinion it's in my top five books. I loved it. So good, and easy to follow. It keeps you on your toes.
Nafeesa This book contains a lot of erotica. If you are looking for romance or science fiction, this is not a book for it.
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