Nate Cook
Nate Cook asked:

I'm on page 43 of 356 and this one's a sleeper. Any hope for a sudden plot twist to cattle prod my interest back?

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Simina This is so, so good. I loved this one, altho so many people dislike it, I don't know why. It is kind of grose here and there, but nothing unbearable. I'll have to re-read this someday!
Long days and pleasant nights!
Michael Cargill Cargill My advice is to start reading something else!

I'm a big Stephen King fan, but From a Buick 8 is probably the worst thing he's written.
Adrián Lamo It's my pet theory that King wrote Ned in (apart from an excuse to tell the story) to reflect the audience he perceives and encounte, always wanting more, answers, content, stories, details more, more more.

I'm no King, but I write about my time as a hacker, hacking issues, national security, and related issues on a large Q&A site (not Yahoo!). One thing that's come to my notice is that readers almost don't care if I answer the question so long as there's a good yarn in there, unusual events with a twist and a moral. I got over 20,000,000 views my first year there.

But if I hit them with introspection, or even worse, make them think for themselves, suddenly it's all tumbleweeds. I allow myself perhaps one introspective or question-twisting answer for every six or seven blockbusters - stuff that maybe 2000 folks will ever read that I write for me, for every 1.2 or 1.5 million views on actual content people want. I suspect King does the same thing - write Kingy stuff, judge when the ground is solid, then release something like Buick 8 or The Regulators.

I almost suspect he did his collaborations with Straub to give himself a little bit of slack when he needed it.

All that being said, the book is worth finishing. You're hardly a Constant Reader if you skip the ones you don't like, are you? 0_o
Mr. Rohner This book is so boring and terrible. It's easily the worst of his that I've read. Nothing happens. When he has to go back to describing how bad stuff smells -- over and over again, using the same descriptions (talking about a cabbage-like smell) -- you know it's bad times. I think people only finish this one for completion's sake, and out of allegiance to King. There is nothing that happens along the way to compel one further.
Walter I stand by that its below mediocre (2/5), but I'd say it can be decently pleasant to listen to in audiobook form, as they used an actual cast of different people to read it to represent when the various characters are narrating.
Nathaniel Darkish Even at its most exciting, I was bored out of my mind. I only finished this in my quest to read everything by King, and even still I don't know if it was worth it for that.
Rakisha I started to read the paperback a few years back and couldn't get into it. Today, I'm listening to the audiobook version and I'm at 25% done and it's actually pretty good...I'm just hoping the story doesn't start to get all drawn out.
Amirhesam yes i had similar feeling about it but still it had its qualities
Chris Plambeck I'm on 190, and it started getting good about 150 or so. I don't remember whether it sustains that from the first time I read it a decade again.
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