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Why did Shane ran away?

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Juanita He didn't run away. He had fulfilled his duty, completed his mythic role. It was time for him to move on. He says that he enjoyed the role off farmer for a while, but that it was not where he belonged.
Stephanie Pieck There are people who do not want to become burdens or attachments to others, either because of things from their pasts or ideas about what may happen in their futures. Self-protection, self-deception, call it what you like. But Shane came into this story alone, walked through it alone, and went out the other side exactly the same way, although I daresay he was changed by the events even if the changes aren't apparent from the outside.
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Sharon Shane was from the wilderness where he learned to fight and shoot. His strength of character and his fighting and shooting skills save the family and the town from evil. When he is through, he goes back into the wilderness, and back into his life of loneliness. He is the classic American hero.
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Allison A simple question. A complicated answer..... Everyone's answers considered together seem to span the full range that the answer could take. And the answer only resides in each one of us. Shane. A hero, a savior, but a man who is vulnerable to die. He is fiercely independent, but also loyal and dependable to the point of risking his life for the people he loves. He represents many opposites, yin and yang, together in one, as he can fight and shoot, but also talk about women's hats. An amazing character that Jack Schaefer has created. I cried at the end when I thought of him dying, and still hope he is alive on that beautiful horse of his.
Sully Augustine Because he had been shot and didn't want to be a burden after he had taken care of the danger to his former girl friend and (I suspect) her son by him rather than her husband. Note that I could be wrong about this because I did not read the novel very carefully.
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