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Boundries by John Townsend and Dr. Henry Cloud?

Kcire First, I think the message is good...that we should try to find how we can all be happy or happier. However, as I was reading this book, it occurred to me that her suggestions only applied to the middle class or higher income people. The author neglects to mention the millions of people starving to death, homeless, and lacking in options. It seems like the author just basically slaps you in the face with her perfect life and then goes on to complain about it, pondering how her perfect life, in comparison to the millions out in the world deprived, could be even more perfect. I think even a paragraph on the unfortunate people of the world would have given this book more strength, in that it would have recognized another side of life rather than the rich affluent background she obviously comes from. And I know she mentions this in the book, about how other people's happiness will differ, but I feel that this author needs to get out of her bubble, and maybe volunteer some time in third world countries and see children dying of sickness that the affluent considers non-threatening, in order to understand happiness. Or maybe even in an orphanage to see the children who have lost their parents at such a young age, who cry and have no one to comfort them. If she's just being her, then I don't want to be her.
Jamila Sule The author come from the middle class (upper or lower) and since she has earned a lot by selling books, maybe, she now up, up there.

She wrote the book on how to be happy from her point of view, and from the available resources she had got.

As for those below the social strata, I think food, shelter and all the other basic needs would be of utmost importance, leaving them not enough time to ponder on things or daydream. I don't know, but maybe they also don't have a lot of time to complain and be bored. They're always on their toes earning a living, or in the case of the homeless, fighting the everyday life of a homeless.

That all means, if you are struggling to meet the daily needs of your family, then you can't afford to buy Gretchen's book. Indeed, Gretchen, wrote it for a particular reader.
Nakita Allen Whats what one about? Id love to hear more :D
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by Gretchen Rubin (Goodreads Author)
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